5 Homeschool Blogs You Should Be Following

I love the homeschooling community – especially the homeschool blogging community, which puts so much inspiration and so many great ideas right at your fingertips, without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

5 Homeschool Blogs You Should Be Following

I’ve got lots of great homeschooling blogs in my reader and I bet you do, too, but today I wanted to spotlight five that you should have in your reader, if you don’t already.

1. Homeschool Creations. In addition to having so many creative ideas for preschool and elementary-aged kids, Jolanthe offers dozens of free printables for every aspect of homeschooling, from planning to games to worksheets.


2. Jimmie’s Collage. I love Jimmie’s creativity. I’ve said, on more than one occasion, that I was going to send my kids to her house for school.  From living math to hands-on science, I’m always picking up great ideas from this incredible Charlotte Mason-styled homeschool mom. If you love notebooking, you’ll want to check out Jimmie’s newest creation, The Notebooking Fairy.

Jimmie's Collage


3. Handbook of Nature Study. It was Barb’s passion for nature and easy-to-implement ideas that got my family interested in nature study. In addition to encouraging families to get out and explore the world around them, Barb offers fantastic resources for art and music study on her other blog, Harmony Art Mom.


4. The Homeschool Classroom.  This one is a great bargain for your blog-following time because it’s a group blog with posts by some of the best homeschool bloggers around (and me). I’ve been a part of The Homeschool Classroom since it was begun by Angie (Many Little Blessings) several years ago and I continue to be impressed by the quality of the posts shared each week.

The Homeschool Classrom


5. Simple Homeschool. Another fantastic group blog (full disclosure: I write for them, too), the posts at Simple Homeschool are designed to encourage you to bring the joy back into your homeschool by living a simple life with your family. You’ll be inspired by post that offer you “tips, tools, and techniques to teach your children with confidence.”

What about you?  What are some of your favorite homeschool blogs?

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Are you a new homeschool mom? Check out my eBook, Homeschooling 101. If you’re already homeschooling and would like to add more hands-on educational opportunities in your day, you might like Hands-On Learning.

homeschooling book bundle

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  1. Barb-Harmony Art Mom says

    Honored to be included in such a great bunch of blogs. :)

    Thanks for your kind words and appreciation.

  2. Laundry Mama says

    A couple of these are new to me – I'll check them out! Thanks!

    I agree-the homeschool blog community is wonderful. And you are an integral part of that! ;)


  3. Joyful Learner says

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful list! I've been trying to figure out how to do Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling and am happy to discover Jimmie's Collage!

  4. Karen says

    I so agree. Homeschool Moms are the best!! No matter what I search for this is what I do. "Ancient Greece homeschool" because I know the resources will rock!!

    Thanks for these..some new..some not. :)

  5. Jolanthe says

    super honored to be a part of this. :) Jimmie is one of those moms that I would love to let loose on my kids…or would I be letting my kids loose on her?

    You've met my kids…maybe you can answer that question better! :)

  6. Dapatel says

    ur web blog is really nice..Homeschooling is a rewarding experience, one that allows children the unique opportunity of one-on-one learning

  7. Melanie says

    I thought your subscribers might be interested in knowing about West to Oregon with Ollie Ox!  It's a new children's E-book that tells the story of the Oregon Trail in a very unique way.
    It really works well as a learning tool for kids because it is full of photos and paintings which bring the Oregon Trail to life. The book is extremely accurate, but also fun.

    Quote from Paula Thacker, Historic Interpreter at the End of the Trail Center in Oregon City:  "I love this book! Authors seem to feel they need to sacrifice historical accuracy to get a good story or sacrifice a good story for the facts. This book does a great job keeping both intact and fun."

    You can learn more about the book at: http://www.OregonTrailWithOllie.com.

  8. Kelly Marshall says

    Thank you!  I'll start pre-K with my oldest this fall and I'm excited to be part of this bloggy world!  Love these recommendations!

  9. says

    Though I’ve been homeschooling for 7 years, I haven’t really gotten into reading blogs until recently. Thanks for sharing this list of blogs that are worth reading. I am always looking for ways to improve and work with my kids’ challenges. In the 2012-2013 school year, I will have 4 kids who are old enough to be considered school age and 2 who will still be too young. As you can see, resources, especially free ones, are great to have at the click of a mouse!

  10. says

    Thanks for the list. I love learning and getting new ideas or old ideas with a new twist. Come over and visit me at toddlersthroughpreschool.com sometime. You are welcome anytime.

  11. says

    These are some great sites and all new to me! I am constantly looking to find new ways to engage with my son and supplement his public school pre-school. I had always wanted to homeschool but he really craves the social interaction right now as well as a different person instructing him! Maybe in the future!

    My pre-school son has Aspergers, diagnosed at 2.5 and now is 3.5 and seems to really enjoy sensory driven activities and the print outs I find on great sites to go with the themes. I am finally just starting to put all my pictures and thoughts into one place!

  12. says

    I would like to know if homeschooling would be the best idea for my children whom I feel are not exceling because they need more attention than our overcrowded school systems can provide. Any feedback on if anyone else had an issue with grades. i would love to know if homeschooling improved the situation.

    • Kris Bales says

      We pulled my oldest out at the end of 1st grade. It was quickly evident that she did much better with the focused attention of a home learning environment.


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