10 Gifts Dr. Who Fans Will Love

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Do you have a Dr. Who fan at your house? I have one who puts the fan in fanatic and two who will watch with her. I’m in the “I don’t get it category.” I enlisted my fan’s help in creating a list of 10 gifts Dr. Who fans will love for those of you who, like me, have fans, but don’t get the show yourself. Ready?

10 Gifts Dr. Who Fans Will Love

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1. Dr. Who Tardis door cling. Brianna really wants to paint her door like a Tardis, but her dad is a bit reluctant. We may talk him into it, but, if not, I keep telling her she can just do the Tardis door cling instead.

2. Dr. Who salt and pepper shaker set. It’s what the table of every Dr. Who fan needs. I like the Tardis/Dalek set, but if the mismatch bugs you, they also sell it as a two-Tardis set.

3. Dr. Who phone cover. I mean, of course you need this, right?

4. Dr. Who coffee mug. Brianna really likes the coffee mug, so if you’re looking for things that she would consider a must-have, this is it. She doesn’t drink coffee, but hot chocolate works just fine, thank you very much.

5. Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver. I didn’t initially have the sonic screwdriver on my list, but Brianna said I had to put it on there. When asked why in the world anyone would need a toy screwdriver, she said, “Because its fun.” So, there you go. I mean, you need stocking stuffers, right?

6. Dr. Who Scarf. This was another one Brianna insisted had to be on the list. At least it’s more purposeful than the screwdriver. (But, that’s not a fan talking.)


7. Dr. Who cookie jar. Well, the kitchen would just look odd with the salt and pepper shakers and no matching cookie jar.

8. Dr. Who t-shirts. There are so many choices that it may be hard to decide, so your Dr. Who fan probably won’t mind two or three of them.

9. Dr. Who license tag frame. If your Dr. Who fan is a licensed driver with a car to personalize, this is for them.

10. Dr. Who hoodie. You’ve got to keep warm, so you might as well do it in style.

There were so many more things I could have added to the list. It’s fun to shop for someone who’s really into something. You might want to check out a couple of posts I did during the height of my weight-loss on gifts for the loser in your life and gifts for runners.


For tons more gift ideas of all sorts, check out the iHN bloggers’ Christmas gift lists.

Do have have a Dr. Who fan? What would you (or they) add to the list?


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  1. I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan!! (The fact that you titled this “Dr” rather than “Doctor” jumps out 😉 )

    (Sadly, my husband is more in your camp… but I’m working on a TARDIS wreath for my front door right now! Just a few more pieces and it will be PERFECT!! LOL! )

    So -long story short, I love your list today.

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