10 Great Gifts for the Loser in Your Life

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Do you have a loser in your life? You know around here “loser” is meant only in the best of ways – a person who is successfully losing weight, making lifestyle changes, and improving her health. Know someone like that? Let me give you some suggestions (from a fellow loser) for some of my favorite Christmas gift ideas.

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10 Great Gifts for the Loser (aka Health Aficionado)

1. Pay their monthly fees. If the loser in your life is utilizing a paid program, such as Weight Watchers, purchase their passes for a month or two. It will save them some money and help them stay motivated in the weeks following the holidays when so many people are struggling to get back on track.

2. Bodybugg or Fitbit. Yes, this falls in the “expensive” category, but if you’re buying for a spouse or close relative, a bodybugg could be an invaluable gift. I honestly don’t think I would have been successful in my weight loss if it hadn’t been for my bodybugg.

More common and popular now, however, is the Fitbit Fitness Tracker, which keeps track of your activity, sleep, heart rate, and more. Why is this important? Americans used to take an average of 15,000 steps a day. Now we take less than 3,000.

It’s a proven fact that people who actively try to take at least 10,000 steps a day are healthier than their more sedentary counterparts. Often, simply being aware of how many steps you’re taking begins to promote a healthier, more active lifestyle. A Fitbit has a built-in steps tracker, but if you want to offer the loser in your life a dedicated way to track steps, a pedometer could be the way to go.

10 Great Gifts for the Loser in Your Life

3. Water bottles. Drinking 64 ounces or more of water per day helps to increase a person’s overall health and helps a person lose weight by creating a feeling of satiety. It may even help to increase metabolism. Brian got me a couple of great stainless steel water bottles that I love or you can look for BPA-free plastic bottles as great gifts for the loser in your life.

4. Magazine subscription. There are so many great health and fitness magazines out there. Subscribe to one that fits your loser’s tastes (two of my favorites are Runner’s World and Fitness). The great thing about a magazine subscription is that it provides new motivation every month.

5. Workout gear. Some comfortable walking shoes, a dry-fit shirt or workout top, some workout pants, or even a good sports bra will be great gifts for the loser in your life. What is more, someone trying to lead a more active, healthy lifestyle will truly appreciate them…especially if she is at the beginning of her weight-loss journey. (Because, let me just tell you, it’s hard to find larger-sized workout clothes.)

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6. Pickleball Gear. First of all, what is pickleball? Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. and it’s not surprising to see why. It’s fun and relatively easy, even for someone who generally avoids team sports or anything remotely competitive.

Many local parks are adding pickleball courts (or transforming tennis courts into dual-purpose spaces). So, all you’ll really need is a couple of pickleball paddles and balls, and you’re set! If the loser in your life really gets into the sport, a portable pickleball net means the game can be played anywhere there’s enough space.

7. Cookbook. A cookbook full of tasty, healthy, nutritious recipes is an invaluable gift because it’s always easier to make lifelong changes when you realize that healthy really can taste good and when you can find nutritious recipes that the whole family enjoys.

8. Inspirational books. When my motivation is waning, it’s always nice to pull out an inspiring read. I love all of The Biggest Loser books and they make great gifts for the loser in your life! I’ve got the Success Secrets one sitting on my bookshelf right now to keep me encouraged.

9. Gym membership. Again, this could get pricey, but even some day passes or a month’s membership helps. These days, you can also find deals on family gym memberships, if you know couples who are trying to get fit, or moms who are looking for ways to get their kids/teens active in some way.

10. Equipment. On the other hand, many of us find it very difficult to get to the gym, so at-home workout equipment is so important. Whether it be a big-ticket item – like a treadmill or an elliptical – or something on a much smaller scale – like dumbbells, a kettlebell, stability ball, or workout DVDs – equipment to help make it easier, more feasible, and more fun to workout at home is always appreciated.

great gifts for the loser in your life - woman with dumbbell

These days, we know it’s “easier” than ever to take on an exercise regime. There are all sorts of apps that offer exercises, even ones that focus on certain areas of the body: slim the thighs, tighten the gluteus maximus, etc. But if you’ve struggled with weight loss, you know that sometimes you need an extra push to get you heading in the right direction … consistently.

Showing up with any of these great gifts for the loser in your life will show that you’re concerned about their journey and that you’re with them. It’s not always weight loss tips that we need. Sometimes we need a friend or workout companion.

As a bonus idea, you might even make a handwritten note or set of cards offering to exercise with them! Having a fitness buddy makes the tedium of workouts so much less … well … tedious.

What would you add to a Christmas wish list of great gifts for the loser in your life – even if it’s you?

This post contains affiliate links.

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