Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the skin and the guitar

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! How’s your week been. It’s been a rather dreary, rainy one in my neck of the woods, but at least I haven’t been sick like I was last week, so I can’t complain.

Although I have felt much better than last week, I have dealt with the lingering effects of my cold, which are no fun. Why is it that the cough lasts forever? Can’t I just clear my lungs and get on with my life already?

Okay, I said I wasn’t going to complain, so on to better things. Last Friday, Megan made a 3D model of skin, which turned out pretty cool. We couldn’t find pipe cleaners in primary colors, so we just made do with what we had. Because that’s what cheap lazy resourceful homeschoolers do, right?

3D skin model

Last weekend, I made myself a pot of chicken taco soup to have for lunch this week. Yum! I love that stuff and have had no problem eating it every day this week for lunch. With the rain, it’s been the perfect week for it.

I have the most thoughtful sister ever. On Tuesday, she sent over a pot of chili with all the yummy sides – sour cream, shredded cheese, and Fritos. She didn’t even ask. She just sent my brother-in-law over with the food on his way to work.

Isn’t that the most thoughtful thing ever? Those little random acts of kindness truly do brighten someone’s day.

feline babies

All the feline babies snuggled up together – don’t overlook what we call the Luna glare.

Josh has still been working on customizing an inexpensive guitar we bought him a few years ago when he was first learning to play. First, he removed all the hardware and stripped the paint off.

guitar body

This week, he disassembled the pickups so he can paint the pick guard. He plans to replace the pickups with some nicer ones once he has the money.

guitar parts

I love when my kids choose to do that kind of stuff that with their free time.

I’m gearing up for a weekend away with friends. It’s not until next weekend, but I’m getting so excited! It’s the perfect weekend getaway for an introvert – just a few friends in a (now) familiar setting. It’s not too far from home, so there really isn’t much travel involved.

Brat Cat

Jack is such a brat. It’s a good thing he’s cute. 

The place is typically a scrapbook/quilting retreat, but our group just takes whatever. A couple of the ladies sew or quilt, a couple scrapbook, and then there’s me. The blogger. The place has wi-fi, a comfortable work area, and delicious food that the owner cooks for us. What more could you ask for?

Well, you could ask for a gallon of Chick-fil-A tea, but I always take one with me, so that’s it. There is nothing more you could ask for. And, I can’t wait!

If you haven’t visited me at About.com this week, you might want to check out 35 Rainy Day Activities and Homeschooling Kids with Learning Struggles.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. The upcoming retreat sounds lovely. I hope you are 100% better by then. My son is really getting into his guitar lessons.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. My kids are so disinterested in biology (compared with physics and chemistry) but Megan’s skin model has given me some inspiration. I must remember that even though they are now tweens they (we all) still love hands-on models.

    I’ve been sick this week during our half-term holiday, but at least I’ haven’t had to take anyone anywhere, and I wasn’t sick last week in Spain, so I can’t complain too much.

    Enjoy your weekend, sounds perfect!

  3. Your kitty pictures make me yearn. I’m doing my best not to get any more but I have never not had a cat. Ever. I might just need to go and find me some more to love on. Not yet, but soon.
    Have a great weekend, Kris!

    1. When Gus the First disappeared, it really helped fill the void when we adopted Lily and Luna. The didn’t replace him, but they helped fill the big, empty spot he left. You’ll know when the time is right. (((Hugs)))

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