5 Highlights from Graduation

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It’s hard to believe that my oldest graduated this past Friday. Technically, she’s got a couple of classes to wrap up, but the recognition ceremony organized by a mom in my homeschool group was last Friday, so we participated. I hope you’ll indulge a proud mama and let me share some highlights with you.

1. Graduation gifts.

It made me smile when Brianna confided that she had no idea people sent monetary gifts when you graduated. It’s fun to see a kid pleasantly surprised and genuinely grateful. She opened a savings account with the first gift that she was given a few weeks ago and now has a nice start toward the car she wants to save for.


2.  Caps and gowns.

I didn’t even get teary, y’all. Aren’t you impressed? It was a bit surreal seeing Brianna and her friends, one girl she’s known since they were 8 or so, in their caps and gowns. For those who are wondering, we got Brianna’s from HSLDA. Some of the other parents ordered from HomeschoolDiploma.com. Although Brianna’s gown was fine, I think I liked the ones from HomeschoolDiploma.com better. They had a satiny finish that looked more like my mental images of graduation gowns.

FB Family Photo

3. Diplomas and stuff.

Parents were given the option of handing their child her diploma or having our emcee do it. Hey, I’ve invested too many years in homeschooling to let someone else hand my kid her diploma. Brian felt the same way and I loved that, without explaining his intentions, he passed me the diploma to give to Brianna. He said I was the one who invested in the kids day in and day out, so I should be the one to award Brianna her diploma.

Yeah, he’s a keeper.

FB Graduate wdiploma

4. The national anthem.

Josh played the national anthem on his electric guitar as part of the ceremony. He did a great job and I was so proud of him, both for taking the initiative to learn it on his own and for offering to play it.

FB Josh National Anthem

5. Tossing the caps.

I became the unofficial photographer since I had my fancy-schmancy camera. Is it sad that it was my idea that the graduates should toss their caps in the air? Hey, that’s the fun part!

FB Tossing the Caps

I’m sure there are many more highlights to share. Those are just all my brain has had time to process so far. Thanks for indulging me.

Have you graduated a student yet?


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  1. Kris, this post is all kinds of awesome! Brianna looks beautiful and really proud of herself, you look great (still!), and how cool is it that your son played his guitar as part of the ceremony? What a wonderful day this must have been. I’m bookmarking this post to remind me for next year about the details for the diploma and gown, although I’m not sure my son will be interested in taking part in a homeschool group graduation. We might have to limit the celebration to a small family and friends gathering for him. He’s not the “pomp and circumstance” sort. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with us – those of us who have been reading your blog for a while love to hear about these sorts of milestones!

    1. Thanks, Christine. It was a fun night! I’m not sure Brianna was really the pomp and circumstance type either, but it made the grandparents happy. 🙂 Ours was really a small, intimate group. There were only three graduates, then some younger kids were recognized for various things. There is a much bigger homeschool graduation ceremony locally, but we really preferred small and personal.

  2. What a wonderful graduation post! I love the photo of the three of you together! Brian is simply beaming, you can see how proud he is of Brianna, and of you!


  3. Isn’t it an odd/bittersweet feeling? My oldest (and first homeschooler) graduates on June 7th. I’m experiencing such a wide range of emotions. Just like your daughter, he had no idea people sent money. Love That!

  4. Congratulations to Brianna (and to you and Brian)! We’ll be there in 2 years–and I know that time will go by fast.

  5. No clue how you didn’t tear up. I did just reading your post. 🙂 Congratulations Brianna, Chris and Brian.

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