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Homeschool Freedoms!

Let’s celebrate the weird, wonderful side of homeschooling instead of trying to hide it! Do all those things that we have the freedom and flexibility to do. Take our 30-Day Challenge to explore or remember the freedoms homeschooling offers us. Complete the challenges in order or pick and choose your favorites.

Embrace the weird, mama! Complete the challenge each day, take some photos, and tag us on social media.

Hey Mama, I’m Trish!

I’m so glad you are here! I love to help homeschool moms adopt a hands-on, fun, and active teaching style. I’ll help you add that fun spark to your homeschool! I’m also the owner of Hip Homeschool MomsOnly Passionate Curiosity, and Love These Recipes—I have been helping moms spark their children’s love of learning by following their interests for years! One of my favorite ways to do this is through travel! So much so, that I have a homeschool travel business – Homeschool Travel Adventures, where, for nine years, I’ve been taking homeschool families on incredible educational adventures. 

I’ve been married for 26 years, and have three sons in college (yes, homeschool does work!). I’m landlocked in rural West TN, but my heart longs to move back home to the coast of North Carolina. 

Welcome to my corner of the homeschool world. I want to be here for you as you travel this amazing homeschool journey! I will bring you teaching ideas and resources, practical tools you can put to use today, laughter, advice, and more.


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Take the One Room Challenge

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