Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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It’s been a long time since I’ve written about keeping toddlers and preschoolers occupied because that’s not my season of life anymore. However, it’s still a question I hear frequently in homeschooling circles, though the quandary isn’t unique to homeschooling parents.

Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

In fact, the question came up recently on the Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers Facebook page. There were several suggestions offered, including what used to be my go-to page for preschool and toddler activities, Paula’s Archives’ Preschool Activities page.

I offered some learning activity suggestions back when my niece was joining us for school, but sometimes you just want something fun and productive that your little one can do fairly independently. Here are some suggested activities for toddlers and preschoolers to keep them pleasantly entertained and occupied while older siblings are doing school…or just for fun:

Pipe cleaners and a strainer. (Follow the link for four other toddler-friendly activities)

Poking pom-poms into a milk jug. This used to be a favorite activity among the kids in the home daycare Brianna attended as a toddler. The daycare mom would cut flaps into the sides of the milk jug so that pom-poms were easy to remove.

Create an I Spy bottle. (Maureen, from Spell Outloud has tons of other great ideas on her blog.)

Create a rice (or bean) box. These can be really messy – but so much fun! – so be sure you’ve got a spot for it that can be easily swept. It can be even more fun if you color the rice.
rice box[6]

Host a busy bag swap. I so love this idea! I wish I’d heard about it when my kids were younger. It would make a great moms group activity and it’s a great way to save money putting the bags together since things tend to be cheaper when you buy in bulk.

Lacing Cards. Remember the little heavy cardboard, shaped cards you used to play with as a kid? They had the shoestring that you laced in and out of the holes? It’s easy to make your own lacing cards with some heavy cardboard and a hole punch or an awl.

Play-doh is always popular with toddlers. It’s relatively inexpensive, but it can still be fun to make your own.

Cutting straws is a fun activity for preschoolers and good fine-motor skills practice. It probably doesn’t make a good independent activity, though, if you like the length of your child’s hair.

Fishing with homemade magnet fishing poles was always a huge hit with my kids. Just get some dowel rods and attach round magnets to them with twine. Then, provide metal items for which to fish – this can be as elaborate as fish shapes with paper clips attached or just a plastic bucket with some metal items and some plastic ones. The latter is a fun opportunity for preschoolers to explore what sticks to magnets and what doesn’t.

Finger painting. Some fun mediums include pudding, baking soda, and shaving cream. It can also be fun to make a colored gel, double-bagged in a gallon size zip-lock bag – just use a little hair gel and food coloring.

Clothes pins can be used for dropping into a wide-mouth jar (such as a milk jug with part of the top cut away), clipping onto a cardboard box or even as an alphabet matching game for older preschoolers.

String beads or cereal. Another great fine-motor skill activity, kids always seems to enjoy stringing beads or cereal and, of course, if you use cereal, this provides a convenient snack, as well.

Stacking boxes. Old cereal boxes or oatmeal containers work well for this. They don’t even have to be old or empty, if you don’t mind re-shelving them when your child is through playing.

Some other great places for ideas for keeping toddlers and preschoolers productively busy include:

What are some of your favorite resources for keeping little one happily occupied?

This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. My littles absolutely LOVE the rice box! I found a link on Pinterest that showed how to color it which was fun as well. A tip for how to deal with the mess it creates: use those cheap plastic table cloths from Dollar Store (I always buy a few at the clearance sales after each season like Christmas, valentines etc. You can end up getting them for about $.20 each!) Our rule is they have to stay on the tablecloth with the rice and then when they are done clean up is just gathering up the cloth and dumping back in the box 🙂

  2. OH my goodness.
    I had to check out this blog – I found it on the site of someone who reads my blog.  My kids are weird, unsocialized and homeschooled and I will never be sorry about it!  What an awesome blog title!  
    Off to snoop around your site!!!!
    Parisienne Farmgirl

  3. I love your blog and I am so glad I found the Top 10 post from HSBA that lead me here. I am working with my son at home and these articles are helping me. Thank you. I hope you will visit me soon. I am looking for people to do Guest Post for me. Please let me know if you would consider doing one.

    1. Thanks, Glenda. I’m glad you’ve found the posts helpful. I appreciate the guest post offer, but, honestly, I barely have time to keep up with my own posts. 🙂

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