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I’ve been asked many, many times where my kids got their awesome homeschool t-shirts – you know the unsocialized homeschooler ones:

homeschool t-shirts

Sit back and let me tell you a story. (Be patient…there’s a really cool giveaway at the end.)

Once upon a time, there was a homeschool family with a kid named Josh. (Nope, this isn’t about us, even though I have a kid named Josh.) This homeschool family homeschooled way back 20 or so years ago. You know, way back when in homeschooling years.

There was a mom named Theresa and a dad named Chris. Theresa and Chris wanted a homeschool t-shirt for their son, Josh, but where to find one in the way back when of homeschooling?

Great Products t-shirt founders

Being the industrious folks that homeschoolers are known to be, they decided to make one. So, they found a book that named some famous homeschoolers. They put a collage of those folks’ faces on a t-shirt, added the caption, “I am homeschooled and so were…” on the top, and had the shirt printed up.

homeschool t-shirts

Josh (the one that doesn’t belong to me) started wearing the shirt. His homeschooled friends started asking where they could get one. Chris and Theresa discovered that people were willing to pay them for these t-shirts, and Great Products was born, bringing awesome homeschool t-shirts (and, now, novelty items and discount computers) to the masses.

homeschool ninja t-shirts

The Osborne family has since sold over 25,000 of that original homeschool shirt design all over the world, along with dozens of other designs, including our family’s favorite, the “warning: unsocialized homeschooler” shirts.

Josh, who now has two children of his own, says that his family has traveled the country doing hundreds of homeschool conventions from coast to coast. “In fact,” he says, “we still do about 15 per year. The first 10 years of our travel, I was still being homeschooled. I got one of the best educational experiences possible because I got to see in person all the sites that most kids just read about in their geography books. Not only that but I was shown first hand how a business works and all the effort that must go into running a success one.”

homeschool mt. rushmore t-shirt

The cool thing about the beginnings of Great Products is that is reminds me a lot of how we first came into contact with the Osborne family. It was in our second or third of homeschooling. My daughter had been out of public school for a couple of years, but she still often wore one of her two school t-shirts from her former elementary school. They were getting too small.

It occurred to me how cool it would be to have a homeschool t-shirt that would show Brianna’s pride in being a homeschool student. I also thought that it would be really cool for all the kids in our homeschool group to have matching shirts so that they could enjoy the experience of “school pride” and connectedness that a school shirt can bring.

I searched around the Internet and found Great Products, just at they were having their annual $5.99 t-shirt sale. I took up an order from our homeschool group and it wasn’t long before our kids had matching shirts with our homeschool group name on the back.

We placed orders every fall for several years after that, giving our kids a wide selection of homeschool group shirts. Great Products still offers that same $5.99 sale every year. In fact, it’s going on now through September 15.

Not only can you catch a great deal on some awesome homeschool t-shirts this week, but you can also enter to win a SET of homeschool ninja shirts for your entire (maybe) family (limit 6).

How to enter:

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  1. I have to pick a favorite?!? We’ve picked up shirts from them every time we’ve gone to the Midwest Convention. My girls love their shirts. I really like the Revolution (birdcage) one right now.

  2. How fun! We JUST started homeschooling, so I love this! And only $5.99? What a great price!! I like the Ninja one, but I think if I was going to get one for my daughter, it would be the animal one with the “Homeschool Adventure”.

  3. We love the Ninja one. I say we, but it’s my 10 year old son that really loves it! All 5 of my boys would love them (they’re just not up yet to see them)!
    I like the one that says “When it comes to education there’s no school like home.”

  4. Great site, I’ve marked it…I found some great Christmas presents! I like the Ninja shirt, that is so cute! Also the original with all the faces on it. But I have to say, I love the melting clock…I know it’s not a t-shirt, but it’s great!

  5. I cannot choose one. I have wanted to purchase shirts from them, but have never done it. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Both of my boys received Super Homeschool Student when they started K. My teen now wants the Zombie shirt, of course. lol My tween wants the Unsocialized and my daughter wants the Ninja. I like the Awesome Homeschooler shirt. I love Great Products, they have quality products in cute designs and I like that they’re a family company.

  7. I like the keep calm and homeschool on, true words!!
    Also like the homeschool vinyl decal.

    Thanks for sharing I have been looking for a company like this one.

  8. There are several shirts that I liked!!! The one that says Mom of 5. The Grandma and Grandpa would be great gifts. The tie dye ones are cute. And I really like the one that says… Start calm and homeschool on!!! Would love to win ninja shirts for the family! 🙂

  9. I didn’t read the directions the first time I commented!

    Love the “Keep Calm & Homeschool On” and the ninja shirts.

  10. I was distracted by the big “Swords/Daggers” button at first, but after getting to the Homeschool T-shirts I finally found my favorite:

    Zombies are afraid of Homeschool Kids

    Because my kids DO have mad survival and sword/dagger skillz. LOL

  11. I love the original design, and the weird unsocialized homeschooler as well as the parent of a weird unsocialized homeschooler both make me giggle. I think the Mom ones are aweome too of course! I am soo having to get some during this $5.99 sale!

  12. My favorite is the ninja shirts!! All of my kids do mixed martial arts and both my daughters compete at tournaments. Perfect for my kids!

  13. I’ve been ordering from them for a couple of years now. As a matter of fact, I’m currently wearing Revolution Homeschool with the birds flying out of the cage in gray right now. LOVE these shirts!

  14. Hah! This year my favorite? I just ordered those Ninja shirts for my whole family~ wonder if they’d give me a refund if I win?

    Otherwise I have too many favorites~ We have that original shirt with the “I’m homeschooled as so were…..”
    The Mount Rushmore T-shirts on Tie-Dye Blue for all the kids and the “Homeschool Mom, just add Coffee” on Tie-Dye Blue for me….

    Awesome giveaway

  15. I homeschool my 3 children and every year we go on this same wonderful website and order new shirts!!! My husband loves his unsocialized homeschooler shirts. He always gets many compliments from it when we are out!!

  16. I love all of their shirts!! I think my favorite is the homeschool mom conference one! I totally need that one! 🙂

  17. Thank you so much for this great offer and for the background on the Osborne family. I had seen homeschool shirts, but wasn’t familiar with who made them. I will be heading to their site to see all their shirts. I am really interested in the one you mentioned about famous people that were also homeschooled. I think that would make a great conversation starter.

  18. I think my favorite shirt is the Rooted and Grounded one. My favorite would be the Weird Unsocialized Homeschooler, but I don’t like t-shirts with solid printing – too hot in the south!

  19. I love the homeschool mom, just add coffee! I am a coffee drinker for sure. My husband and I thought it would be an awesome to start our school year out with something new. We ordered t-shirts for the family. On the first day of school we all wore them. The kids woke up to them sitting on their desk. It was a great surprise for them.

  20. I’d love to win this! I especially like the I Promise shirt and, of course, the Weird Unsocialized Homeschooler one, too!

  21. I really like the zombie t-shirt. We bought that one for my son and he loves to wear it. Also, daughter really like the contaminated homeschooler shirt and bought that one. 🙂

  22. My favorite is the homeschool mom by day, ninja by night 🙂 hahaha With 4 boys (oldest 7 and youngest 2 months), these shirts are perfect! LOL

  23. My favorite is the homeschool ninja tshirts! I have bought these for 2 of my daughters but would love to have one for everyone in the family!!

  24. I’m torn between the “Homeschool Kids Rock” shirt and the “Homeschool Mom: Please don’t interrupt me. I’m in the middle of a parent/teacher conference” shirts!

  25. We have been getting shirts from GP for years now. My kids fell in love with the Zombie one they came out with this year. Each of my kids will be getting one in their stocking (bought during the sale;)

  26. Oh so hard to choose just one. I really like the Black Ninja shirt. Can’t wait for the black with the lady eyelashes to hopefully come out.

  27. When my son saw the ninja shirt, he started doing ninja moves– “Mom, that’s is the coolest!” I personally like the super dad shirt for my super hubby!

  28. FUN giveaway! I will leave a note to myself to order some for Christmas presents too!!! Have to wait till payday though! 🙂

    THanks Kris!


  29. With 4 boys who practice their Ninja skills whenever I’m not tying them to their seats for a bit of school work, the NInja shirts are DEFINTELY my fave!

  30. With 4 boys who practice their Ninja skills whenever I’m not tying them to their seats for a bit of school work, the NInja shirts are DEFINTELY my fave!

  31. i LOVE the designs for the parents too..especially for the dads! it is sooo cool when a father steps up and is what he is supposed to be!

  32. We started homeschooling 17 yrs ago and the first 3 or 4 years, we bought new t-shirts from them yearly at homeschool conference.The “Weird Unsocialized” shirt then was black with a yellow caution triangle sign. They were are “uniforms” for field trips!! We LOVE the ninja shirts!!!

  33. I just found this and LOVE it!!!! We will be ordering for sure!!! We love the ninja and zombie shirts plus many many more!!! I hope we win!!!!!!!!

  34. Those are some funny shirts! Totally worth it to debunk some of the thoughts that people have about “us”.

  35. I love the Mt. Rushmore and the “this is what an awesome homeschooler looks like” but I know my kids would be all over the nija shirts. Great idea!

  36. I love the Homeschool Mom Tshirt that says “Don’t interrupt me. I am having a parent/teacher conference” hahahahha!
    And the kids shirts are great! In love with the Zombie one, the original shirt with all the famous homeschoolers, and the Contaminated Homeschooler shirt! ha!
    I was just thinking the other day how I wished I could replace all our old public school shirts with something else! Now I can! WOOHOO!

  37. I saw a fellow homeschool mom wearing their ‘Homeschool Mom…just add coffee’ T-shirt recently – That is the one I want!!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  38. My kids have being wanting a homeschool shirt for a long time , I have being praying that God would give us some , we cant really afford them there is 8 of us 6 kids and 2 adult.
    thank you so much for the opportunity.

  39. I met the Josh at a CHEA convention and he was so nice and their products are awesome! My fave shirt design is the Ninja series. Would be so cool to get matching ones for our family!

  40. My family has not ordered yet but we are trying to decide which ones are our favorite t-shirts. We want them all! Haha! Can’t wait to place our first order! Decisions! Decisions!

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