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I’ve been meaning to post about my bodybugg for weeks.  I wanted to use it for awhile before I posted, so I could see how it did over time, but then I just kept running out of time to sit down and post.

I love my bodybugg!

If you have no clue what a bodybugg is you can read more about it here.  If you’re a Biggest Loser fan, though, you’ve seen them.  All the contestants wear their bodybuggs each week.  Essentially, a bodybugg tracks your calories, steps and activity level each day.  It has a USB port, so you download your data to the Apex website where you also input your calories consumed each day.  The website is a subscription service, but I got six months free when I bought my bodybugg.  The price is comparable to similar online sites, such as Weight Watchers Online.

When you first sign up on the website, you answer lots and lots of questions, so you can have a custom-designed program, whether you’re trying to build muscle, lose weight or maintain weight.  There is a suggested menu plan featuring seven days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack suggestions.  You can also create custom foods by entering recipe ingredients and serving sizes or by entering information directly from the nutrition labels of your favorite foods.

Each day, you enter the foods you’ve consumed and download your calories burned from your bodybugg to ensure that you are reaching your desired calorie deficit each day.  Your calorie deficit is based on how many pounds, up to two, that you want to lose each week.  A two-pound loss each week is my goal, so my daily calorie deficit goal is 1,000.

I truly feel that this detailed information is part of what’s helped me be so successful in my weight-loss goals so far.  I always know exactly how many calories I’ve burned, so I know if I need to step up my activity any given day and when I’ve met my goals.  Although I’ve had some off weeks, I’ve still maintained a 2 lbs./week average since I began my weight-loss journey.

I know the bodybugg is pricey, but, to me, it’s not any more expensive, in the long run, than paying for weekly meetings or a gym membership (though I am loving the Y and we may join at some point).  And, really, if it helps me reach my weight-loss goals, the bodybugg will be priceless, as far as I’m concerned.

I’m just posting because I know a lot of people are curious about my bodybugg and how it works.  If you have any questions about it that I haven’t answered, please ask them.  I’ll answer them if I know the answer.


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