Homeschooling with Pancake Art

Homeschooling with Pancake Art

Written by Pam Odd of Keeping Life Creative. Though my kids are young elementary-age and most of their schooling is decided by me, I’ve begun incorporating a little more interest-led and life-skill based education into our homeschooling days. This year I asked my nine-year old to choose a subject he’d like to learn more about….

How to Host a Book Club

Written by Alicia Hutchinson of Investing Love. The winter months can get long and we can get consumed with cabin fever, but there are lots of ways to remedy that.  For us, winter is a huge reading time in our house.  We all hunker down, light fires, eat lots of soup, and read. A lot. …

9 Reasons to love Geography

Geography is one of those subjects that can easily fall by the wayside in a homeschool. That’s really a shame because, not only is it important to be raising geographically-literate kids, but geography is so easy to incorporate into other areas of study, such as history, literature, and current events. It’s one of those subjects…