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Christmas means many things to many people, but I think at the heart of it all is giving – God’s gift of His Son to us and our opportunities to bless others.

I love that my youngest says that Christmas is her favorite holiday because she gets to spend time with family – our immediate family; three sets of grandparents; aunts, uncles, and cousins; and our church family. Sure, she loves the gifts, too, but she consistently names time with family as the reason Christmas is her favorite.

One of our best Christmases was two years ago when our church did a “You got served” campaign. The whole goal of the campaign was to serve others – it was basically a church-wide random acts of kindness thing. It was so cool to hear what others were doing to bless friends, relatives, and total strangers.

Even more cool was hearing the reactions of those who were being blessed.

That’s why I hope you’ll enjoy this little giveaway that iHomeschool Network has put together.


It’s this time of year – when we are more focused on blessing others than we are any other time of year – that a little extra cash could be so helpful. That’s why a whole slew of bloggers have partnered to give you a chance to win one of $1100 in prizes. Two readers will win $250 in cash! The entire list of prizes can be viewed on the Rafflecopter widget at the close of this post. (RSS feed and email readers will need to click through to view the widget.)

What would you do with an extra $250?

You must leave a comment to enter, but only one comment is needed on any of the participating blogs. You do not have to comment on each blog.

Thanks to the following bloggers for helping to create such a great giveaway:


Updated 11/26/2012: This giveaway is now closed. Winners have been emailed. A complete list of winners can be found here.

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Kris Bales is a newly-retired homeschool mom and the quirky, Christ-following, painfully honest founder (and former owner) of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. She has a pretty serious addiction to sweet tea and Words with Friends. Kris and her husband of over 30 years are parents to three amazing homeschool grads. They share their home with three dogs, two cats, a ball python, a bearded dragon, and seven birds.

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  1. Because he is already so well taken care of (grandparents help!), I would use most of the $250 to help my son pick some charities to give to this Christmas. For the rest we would choose something special for his dad.

  2. I would love to use the money to bless others, dinner for a family suffering job loss, food to the pantry, gifts for the angel tree.

  3. My church is small, but we are trying to be a small blessing to our community.
    We are trying to put together at least 30 operation Christmas child boxes for the poorest children in our community. I would like to be able to give to several children. Thanks for your post on what to put in them. It gave me some good ideas on what to include. I knit face clothes, too. If I had anything left over, I would buy craft supplies to make Christmas decorations with my daughter, Dindee is five. We love to craft together! Thank you for all your posts. They are a pleasure to read!

  4. If I had another 250.00 I would use it for two services we are participating this Christmas. Purchase more angles from Angle Tree Ministry and a children’s home that we are visiting in a couple of weeks to put on a Christmas party.

  5. This would be so awesome to win this. I hate that we as parents end up dreading the holidays because of the expense, rather than just being able to focus on what’s really important…JESUS!!


  6. Wow. Total generosity. Love that you all have put this together. I would either buy groceries or pay a bill! It’s been “that kind” of year. But we are blessed.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. I would do random acts of kindness with $250. There are so many people that I know are hurting and it would be fun to suprise them with something fun like dinner or a new dress or toy.

  8. I am not able to click on the other blogs, just FYI. It could be user error. I did put it on my facebook and google+.
    I hope you get a ton of entries. Good luck everyone!

    1. It’s actually just a collage of the blog buttons of all the participating bloggers. It wasn’t meant to be clickable. Sorry for the confusion.

  9. I would use it to take my kids to see my Grandmother. We used to live right next to her but we haven’t seen her sense we had to move several states away.

  10. wow, if I had and extra $250 I’d immediately register my son for the second semester of Writing Foundations, it’s been a great class online! thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  11. $250 would be really helpful at this time of year, my Mother in Law got laid off right as my sister in law got pregnant, so it has caused a lot of financial issues within the family, everyone trying to help and make sure the baby gets what it needs, $250 would help make our Christmas special!!! Thank you all for this giveaway!!!

  12. What would I do with an extra $250? We are in the middle of trying to raise money to bring our new daughter home from Ethiopia. Just last night, my husband and I sat down and tried to figure out how we could give our other 8 kids and 3 grandchildren a bit of a gift for Christmas despite the fact that we need to save every penny for the adoption. $250 is the amount we decided to try and come up with to divide between them all…just for a little gift to encourage them each. So…I was excited to see this give away this AM! Kim W.

  13. We would use the $250 for Christmas gifts. We are less than two months away from paying off the very last of our debt but that means there is very little for Christmas. Our greatest joy in Christmas gifts is giving them to others!

  14. I would like to participate in the Christmas box program Jolanthe does with my kids this year. We’ve really been wanting to do that. There are five children in our home so five lovely boxes =)

  15. A camera! My 17 year is going to India to spend time serving in an orphanage, and I would love to send her with a good camera.

  16. What would I do with an extra $250? I will put it towards something for my husband. He always has been my number one fan and my greatest supporter with all this homeschool deal. Because of his hard work and dedication I am able to stay home and homeschool.

  17. Well, in all honesty I would want to spend it on me and my hubby. Hold it for a rainy day or a date night. A shopping trip. A Christmas gift for my hubby.

  18. What a great opportunity! I would use the $ to give more to our sponsored children and their families and to buy books to build our homeschool library.

  19. Wow! What a giveaway! I’m sure this will bless someone so very much! If I had $250 I’d love to buy ‘gifts’ from places such as World Vision or Heifer International for those who need things we take for granted. My son and I were talking about all the things we want to ‘buy’ for someone!

  20. Well some of it would probably go towards christmas presents, but it would be nice to be able to give more towards charities than I’ve been able to afford lately.

  21. There are a couple of important security items we need in our home, that $250 would be very handy for! Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. Hello. I would use the money to buy homeschool resources…the things you think would be really fun but don’t usually buy. Thank you!

  23. I would put the $250 towards sponsoring another Compassion child or find a family in our church that needs help and donate it anonymously-we have done this in the past and it was awesome way to celebrate Christmas and keep the focus off us!

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