Do or Do Not Challenge: Week 12

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It’s Week 12 of the Do or Do Not Challenge.  Congrats to those who’ve made it through the first three months.  Only one month to go — one month until shorts/swimsuit weather is upon us!  Yikes!  Don’t give up now!  Now is the time to buckle down and get serious.  We’ll be the ones who are more comfortable than we’ve been in a long time when it comes time to bare more skin.

Are you ready for this week’s challenges?

1.  Totally change up your routine this week.  I read on the Apex (bodybugg) website that, in order to avoid the dreaded plateau, you should take at least 7 days off your regular workout routine every 12 weeks.  Now, I’m a little too scared to take a week completely off, but I am willing to change things up, so you could consider switching from the treadmill to the stationary bike or from an elliptical workout to a spin bike class.  If you have access to an indoor pool, you could consider swimming laps for your workout.  (I tried that a few weeks ago and was surprised at what a workout it was.)

2.  Encourage someone via email or phone this week.  You’re trying to lose weight, so you know how hard it can get from time to time.  Even the most committed among us still have discouraging weeks or those moments when you really just don’t want to workout on a given day…or a given week.

You also know how a simple act of encouragement from a friend or family member can give you a whole new perspective.  I bet, if you take a minute to send that email or make that phone call, you’ll find that you’ve encouraged yourself, as well…and I can practically guarantee that your friend will appreciate it.

So, there you have it — your Week 12 challenges.  Remember this is your time:  Do or do not; there is no try!

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  1. Thanks for the great tip about changing up your workout every 12 weeks. Interesting fact that I did not know!

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