Do or Do Not Challenge: Week 13

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It’s Do or Do Not Challenge time, Week 13!  I hope you’re doing…and getting fitter, getting stronger, and seeing results.  We’re starting to see some warmer days here, mixed amongst the cold ones, so I’m starting to think about being ready to bare more skin than I’ve had to in awhile.  That means not slacking off now!

So, here are a couple of challenges for this week:

1.  Try some exercises designed to increase core strength.  Core strength is important  for just about any other type of exercise because it helps to strengthen and stabilize the body.  A strong core makes other types of strength training more effective and helps to prevent injury.  Try some of these exercises to improve your core strength.

2.  Accumulate a total of 15 minutes walking up/down stairs or hills at least 4-5 days this week.  Okay, this one is definitely as much for me as it is for anyone else.  I was doing pretty good about utilizing the stairs in my home when I first began losing weight, but I started getting lazy again where the stair were concerned.  Accumulating 15 minutes a day of walking up and down the stairs would add 15 minutes of moderate activity to my day and no telling how many extra burned calories and extra steps.  If I remember, I’m going to try to see exactly how much each set of 15 minutes adds…and, if I remember, I’ll let you know.

Oh, speaking of remembering things, Paige was the first to correctly guess that my big milestone last week was having someone who doesn’t know that I’m losing weight notice and comment on my weight-loss.  I was so excited that I could have hugged the lady, but I think that would have been uncomfortable for both of us since we’re really just acquaintances.

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  1. What a great milestone! I'm sure you did want to hug the lady.
    You are doing awesome Kris and deserve to be noticed! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I haven't left a lot of comments around here lately but I'm still reading and being motivated by you. I DID change my wardrobe like I mentioned and my husband has been more than grateful. Changing the wardrobe gave me new motivation to just take better care of myself. I feel more dressed up and therefore more awake (literally) and alive (and a self respecting mother of two little people who still wipe snot on my shoulder!)

    I've also gotten back on the treadmill at least 2-3 times a week and am working on walking faster and longer periods of time which is great!

    So thanks for this blog, still, and the motivation it continues to provide me.

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