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Several weeks ago, I saw Shay Sorrells (The Biggest Loser) mention the Fitbook fitness journal on her Facebook page.  Since there was a retailer near me, I decided to go check it out.  I love my Fitbook!


The Fitbook is a 12-week fitness journal that helps you define your health and fitness goals, along with rewards that you’ll set for yourself for reaching those goals.  It starts with a 12-week overall planning page and individual weekly planning pages.  You then track your progress with daily eating and workout logs and a two-page weekly wrap-up spread where you can record whether or not you reached your goals, the good and the not-so-good moments of the week, any random notes you may have and inspirational quotes that you’ve discovered.

There is room at the front of the Fitbook to record your starting stats, such as measurements, weight, and percentage of body fat, so you can see how much you progressed over the twelve weeks.

I love the food log pages!  They have room to record breakfast, lunch, dinner, and three snacks with a  box next to each for notes – such as calories, Points, or how you were feeling/why you ate.  Next to that is a place to rate how you felt after the meal.

One of my favorite parts of the food log is the nutrient tracker section at the bottom where you can check off fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, etc. to make sure you’re getting the recommended servings or each.  In the front of the Fitbook there are pages that explain what equals a serving size for each, as well.

The workout log page has places for you to record your strength training, cardio, and flexibility workouts with up to five sets for the strength training.  There’s a place to record the starting and ending times for your workout, any notes you may want to include, and check boxes for rating your workout as killer, good, so-so, blah, or oops – missed it.

The Fitbook’s 5.5 square size makes it super-handy and easily portable.  It has a little elastic band attached it to make it easy to mark the current day and a sleeve in the back for your gym card.  And, of course, there’s the nifty little pen that excites people like me who get excited over office supplies.

You can take a virtual tour of the Fitbook on their website where it is available for $22.95. It is also available on Amazon.

I purchased this product myself for my personal use.  I received no compensation for this review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions.  Your experience may vary. Please read my full disclosure policy for more details. This post contains affiliate links.

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Did you like this article? If so, please help by sharing it!


  1. Where did you get your fitbook? I'd love to page through one before deciding whether or not to buy one.

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