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Last week while I was Black Friday shopping, I picked up a little something for myself.  (Tell me I’m not the only one who does that.)  I got myself The Biggest Loser food scale.

I almost got one for myself last year, but I decided to leave it for Brian.  (Yes, I’m bad about buying myself lots of things to save “poor” Brian for all the trouble of having to shop for me himself.  No, it is not because I’m impatient.  {clearing throat})

Well, he didn’t get it and I just talked myself out of getting it…until last Friday.  I love it!  It’s been so helpful to be able to know exactly how much of a given food that I’m eating.  I mean, I could do measurement like cups or fluid ounces before, but a lot of the foods in the bodybugg database are in ounces or grams, so I’ve just had to either guess or convert from cups or tablespoons.

You can measure foods in ounces or grams up to 6.5 pounds.  My favorite feature is the ability to go back to zero after adding each item.  So, I can put my plate on the scale, zero it out and start adding food.  I can add a piece of chicken, get the measurement, zero out and add a side dish.  I can make my salad directly on my plate on the scale, weighing each item as I add it, so that I know exactly how much of each food I’ve included in my meal.

Just the other night, I realized that a bowl of cereal that I’d been eye-balling as being about a cup was actually closer to two cups — equaling a little over 100 calories that I hadn’t been counting!  That can add up quickly.

After just barely a week with my food scale, I can now honestly say it’s an item I would highly recommend for anyone trying to lose weight.  It keeps you honest and really, if you’re not being honest, who are you lying to but yourself?

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  1. I'm going to have to look into this. I have an old-fashioned food scale that isn't digital, and the piece that sits on the top was broken about a year ago. It still works because I can sit a plate on it (carefully so it doesn't fall since it's not really designed for that) and zero it out like you said. This might be a good choice for an upgrade once my hubbie is bringing in a regular paycheck again. Thanks for posting this!

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