Happy Birthday, Buddy!

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Today is a milestone birthday for my boy.  Josh turns 10 today.  I always wanted a boy.  Of course, I wouldn’t take anything for my girls, but I’d always, always wanted a boy.  Josh’s name has been Josh since I was in high school.  I’ll never forget the day we went for my ultrasound.  Brian, Brianna and I hovered around the screen, Brian manning the video camera.  Almost right away, the ultrasound technician said, “It’s a boy!”

“A boy?!?!  I wanted it to be a giw-uh,” four-year-old Briana moaned.


“How can you tell,” Brian asked, where upon the tech looked at him like he was crazy and patiently pointed out the boy parts.  (In Brian’s defense, it is pretty hard to tell what’s what on an ultrasound.

Josh was born nearly 3 weeks late and has been pretty much like that every since.  A little late to walk, a little late to talk, a little struggle with reading.  He likes to know he can do something before he does it.  He doesn’t like to be wrong and he doesn’t like to make mistakes, so he waits until he’s pretty sure of himself to demonstrate a new skill.

He’s one of the most sensitive of my kids and gives the world’s best hugs.  He sometimes angers easily, but he’s also quick to apologize once the anger subsides.  He takes responsibility for his actions and sees nothing “beneath him” about saying he’s sorry.

He’s always been the most spiritually sensitive of my kids.  At the age of two, he knew there was something that made the Bible different from and more special than other books.  He asks the blessing for our meal nearly every day at lunch.  One night a week or so ago, we had one of those dysfunctional family moments at the dinner table.  I don’t even remember the details, just that there was yelling and everyone was upset with everyone else.  In my anger, I said it was ridiculous to ask the blessing when everyone was mad – something about just going through the motions.  So, I proceeded to just start eating.

That upset Josh more than anything else that had happened and he left the room.  When things calmed down and he came back to the table, he looked at me pointedly and asked, “Are you enjoying your meal?”

We prayed then.

Josh is my Lego-building, Star-Wars-loving, video-game-playing, arsenal-collecting, spiritually-minded, hug-giving, quick-witted, sarcastic-humored, usually-good-natured boy.  I love him and I’m blessed to call him my son. 

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Josh! He sounds like a wonderful little boy. Well, not so little, right? 🙂 My daughter is 9 and I can't believe how she is growing up!

    P.S. That post brought tears to my eyes. What a special boy!

  2. Your 10-year-old sounds a lot like my 9-yr-old, from "he doesn't like to be wrong and he doesn't like to make mistakes, so he waits until he's pretty sure of himself to demonstrate a new skill" to "Josh is my Lego-building, Star-Wars-loving, video-game-playing, arsenal-collecting" son. Wish we could get them together!

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