Highlights From Our First Post-Holiday Day

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I have commented before that our first days after long breaks have an uncanny way of going very smoothly and yesterday was no exception. Is that strange to anyone else? It is to me. Don’t worry though; the bomb will probably drop today.

I just wanted to post a couple of fun highlights from our day. First, the kids didn’t even fuss about dictation yesterday, thanks to these gianormous pencils, a Christmas gift from my dad and step-mom:

giant pencils
gianormous pencils

Second, I got very excited when the UPS man pulled up around lunch time. I thought it was going to be some books I was expecting, but no; it was this:

lots of pictures

…a box containing 728 — yes, you read that right, seven-hundred twenty-eight — pictures that I ordered last week from my online photo account. No, I’m not an avid photographer, just a procrastinator. Some of these pictures were from 2006!

Last week, I finally decided that I would just bite the financial bullet and order all the pictures I had stored on my online account. It is my plan to now keep up-to-date with ordering my digital prints shortly after they are made. We’ll see how that plays out. Now, I just need to go buy some photo albums.

What about you? If you started back to school yesterday, did things go as planned?

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  1. LOVE the pencils!!!
    Yesterday was our first day back. For me, the first day after a long break is very bumpy. But I am sure it will get better (I hope).

    I just love seeing the UPS man, especially when it is new books.

    That is ALOT of pictures. But you are better than me. I just have all my pictures stored on my computer. But you have inspired me. Maybe when I get some extra money next month I will do a HUGE order.

  2. holy cow that is a lot of pictures! lol

    Amazing how those pencils made work so much better. 🙂

    Glad all went well!

  3. I am the same way, the last time I ordered pictures was October 2007. I keep meaning to but I just haven’t done it yet. Love the pens.


    What do you mean you need to go and buy picture albums!!???????

    Seriously, I’m missed talking to you.
    See you in the morning, if we all don’t drowned before we get there!

  5. Great Pencils. I should have thought of that! Maybe we wouldn’t have had the “who can fill the hot air balloon ” first contest. There was so much blowing and sighing on our first day. But we are back on track. Thanks Be To God.

  6. We didn’t get to everything, but things went BETTER than planned. Weird! lol!

    Wow, that is a lot of pictures! It’s hard to stay on top of all that! Maybe now you have a shot. ;o)

  7. I am an avid photographer and I had the first of two order that big just for our disney trip! snapfish loves me!

  8. Those big pencils, hahaha, love it!

    And I will admit, I got a big box like that right before Christmas. It was over 800 pictures. Wowza. Now to find homes for those pictures!

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