Top 10 Reasons to Wear Homeschool T-shirts

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Wear Homeschool T-shirts


I’ve long been a fan the t-shirts produced by Great Products. Their unsocialized homeschooler t-shirts have kind of been our unofficial school shirts for many years.


Wow, I can’t believe how my kids have grown. I think my oldest was the same age my youngest is now at the time the above photo was taken.

It’s hard to believe that Great Products has been at this as long as they have, too. They’ve been making shirts for homeschooling families for over 20 years. So, why should you and your kids wear homeschool shirts?

Homeschool shirts help kids feel connected.

The second year we homeschooled, Brianna still had some school shirts from her two years in elementary school. I felt strangely intimidated by those shirts. I wanted her connection to be to homeschooling, not her former public school.

Yes, I know that’s weird. Hello? Have you seen the name of my blog?

I was so excited to discover the t-shirts at Great Products just as they were starting their annual $5.99 sale (that’s going on now). I let our homeschool group know and we wound up placing an order for nearly every kid (and most of the adults) in our group. It made the kids in our group feel connected to something larger than just their own homeschool families. They loved wearing their matching shirts whenever we’d go on group field trips.

Homeschool shirts allow you to field even more crazy questions than you do now.

If you think you get crazy questions about homeschooling now, just wait until your entire family wears matching shirts for a field trip day. Be sure to stop by a Walmart on your way home. I’ll never forget the question from the cashier the first time we did that. We were wearing our unsocialized homeschooler shirts. She read them, laughed, and said, “Do you homeschool?”

I really wanted to say, “No, my kids just wear these because it drives their public school teachers crazy.”

I didn’t, though. I know she was just making conversation and I’m nicer than that. Usually.

Homeschool shirts make great conversation starters.

There are people out there who are curious about homeschooling, but don’t know anyone else who does it. While some people ask about homeschooling to be argumentative, others are truly curious. Wearing a homeschool mom t-shirt (or any other) can open the door to a conversation that could give birth to a new homeschool family.

Homeschool apparel (including hats and tote bags) shows your school spirit.

I’ve got spirit. Yes, I do! I’ve got spirit. How ‘bout you?

I mean, come on. We don’t homeschool because it gives us the warm-fuzzies every single day, right? (If that’s why you’re homeschooling, we need to talk. I have questions.)

Most of us homeschool because we feel that it’s the best choice for our kids. Our criteria may be different, but the sentiment is the same, so don’t be shy about supporting this amazing lifestyle we’ve discovered and the incredible potential it offers our kids.

Homeschool t-shirts let you freak people out.

There is a brand-new shirt that I’m going to have to get my husband. I’m sure it will get a few double-takes. It says: I’m in love with my kid’s teacher. And, you know what? He is.

Homeschool t-shirts help express the true heart behind homeschooling.

The first homeschool t-shirt I ever bought from Great Products beautifully captured my family’s reasons for homeschooling and even inspired a portion of our homeschool mission statement and, for a time, my blog’s tagline: Promoting family values, building the Christian faith, providing a quality education, changing the world…one homeschooled kid at a time.

If you don’t want to go the serious route, you could always express, in a humorous way, 15 reasons people homeschool.

Even homeschooled kids need senior t-shirts.

I still have my senior sweatshirt from my high school graduation. No matter where you go to school, graduation is a huge milestone. Celebrate your student’s accomplishment with a homeschool graduation t-shirt. There are still 2012 and 2013 shirts available, or you can go ahead and get ready for next spring with a 2014 shirt.

Homeschool t-shirts can validate your choices.

Okay, so you already know that a lot of people think we’re crazy to homeschool. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to remind them of all the incredibly brilliant minds who went to your alma mater. You know, in a manner of speaking.

Homeschool shirts can demonstrate your sense of humor.

Y’all know I have a sense of humor. Sometimes, I’m a little slow, too. When I first saw the new ladies t-shirt from Great Products, I thought, “Well, that seems a little cocky.”

And, then, I got it. {ahem} This one’s on my to-be-ordered list: Homeschool Teacher. This is no substitute. No substitute. Get it? (I’m totally ordering it in the new ladies fitted t-shirts, even though they aren’t included in the sale.)

Homeschool t-shirts warn people that you just might be a ninja in disguise.

I mean, really, even superheroes have day jobs. Who says you aren’t a homeschool ninja? And you might not want to mock a ninja.


So now that you’re up to speed on all the reasons you and your kids need homeschool shirts, get some before the annual $5.99 sale is over! It runs until September 15, so you’ve got time to get up an order for your homeschool group.

Do you have any of Great Products’ homeschool shirts? Which ones are your favorites?

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Kris Bales is a newly-retired homeschool mom and the quirky, Christ-following, painfully honest founder (and former owner) of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. She has a pretty serious addiction to sweet tea and Words with Friends. Kris and her husband of over 30 years are parents to three amazing homeschool grads. They share their home with three dogs, two cats, a ball python, a bearded dragon, and seven birds.

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  1. Don’t feel TOO weird about the old school shirts! Our old school gave out shirts big enough to be worn for awhile when the kids are in school. I finally had to ban them because it encouraged negative comments from extended family who feel our homeschooling is judgement of them public schooling. 🙁
    Now I can get us some homeschool shirts! Thank you!

  2. I loved those t-shirts! My kids wore several designs faithfully.
    And I remember that picture of your kids, Kris! It doesn’t seem so long ago, but I guess it’s been a few years. LOL (I’m acutely aware of how time flies these days.)


    “No, my kids just wear these because it drives their public school teachers crazy.” I would laugh if any homeschooler-to-public schooler wore that on the first day of school 😛

  4. I will have to get the husband one! That will crack people up around here! Thanks for the heads up on the sale! I’ll have to order some!

  5. Kris I cross pollinated this one for you! I ordered from your link years ago and this year I’m getting a whole new set. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for letting us in on the deal! I would never have known! They are perfect. I loved so many of them, but since so many people are defensive of homeschooling, there were a few I had to pass by, darn it! (I dont need the drama.) I did get us all ninja shirts, though, and DH requested the super dad one, too. So fun! We are going to have a treasure hunt the first day back (we start Sept.2nd) and let the kids find these.

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