Sweet Shot Tuesday: The Kiddos

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I had fun with this week’s Sweet Shot Tuesday.  It’s not often that I get the whole crew spit-shined (which might possibly be a Southern expression) and polished all at the same time.  My step-brother got married last Saturday, so I took my camera and, while everyone else was taking pictures of the bride and groom, I was snapping shots of my kiddos.

group photo

The colors that the bride chose were beautiful.  The bridesmaids wore turquoise dresses and carried beautiful fresh flower bouquets whose centerpieces were single gerbera daisies, my second favorite flower right after sunflowers.  The tables for the reception each had a single gerbera daisy in a beautiful light green vase, which gave me the perfect subject for playing with my new lens (50mm f1.8).

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  1. These are great photos…I bet you're really loving that 50mm lens. It's totally on the top of my wish list!

  2. Your kids are SO super cute all cleaned up. Wow. What adorable children. I love gerbera daisies as well! Aren't they lovely color pops!

  3. when the kids are spit shined, photos are a must!

    those daisies are so beautiful. and woot woot about your new lens!!!

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