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This weekend, I was thinking about how much my life has changed in the last two years.

I used to go through a carton of ranch dip a week.

Now, I throw away uneaten dip that I buy for the kids. I rarely eat chips anymore, opting instead for hummus and jicama.

I used to dread meeting people or have unnecessary attention focused on me.

Now, I actually look forward to meeting people and I don’t mind speaking up at life group meetings. I’m even looking forward to being in our church’s Thanksgiving parade this year.

I used to reach for sugary snacks or chips and dip.

Now, I will purposely choose fruit over other options. I actually crave things like pineapple.

I used to settle for any halfway decent-looking clothes, as long as they fit.

Now, I’ve become something of a clothes snob. If I don’t love it, I don’t want it in my closet. I’ve also developed a fairly extreme prejudice against stripes and floral patterns – it seems that many plus size clothing manufacturers are under the misguided impression that obese people like to try to hide behind these two patterns.


I used to watch movies lying in the bed with a bowl of buttered popcorn.

Now, I watch movies on the treadmill, running 5 mph.

I used to sit around on the computer all day.

Now, I…okay, I still sit around on the computer as much as possible, but I workout before doing so.

I used to go up and down every aisle of the grocery store and speed through the produce section – as often as not, never even stopping there unless I wanted lettuce for a rare salad.

Now, I skip entire aisles full of processed foods and spend the bulk of my grocery dollars in the produce section.

I used to eat an entire days’ worth of calories at breakfast.

Now, I eat a days’ worth of calories in a day. Sometimes I go over my calorie budget, but not by a whole days’ worth of calories.

I used to always get fries with my fast food meals.

Now, I get a side salad. The kids know that I get TWO fries. That’s all I need to keep from feeling deprived. If we go somewhere that doesn’t have a side salad or that has nasty salads, I’ll get fries, but I give half of them away (usually to Brian) before I start eating.

I used to eat at McDonald’s.

Now, I never get more than an occasional sweet tea there. Other than my obligatory two fries when they kids get them, I haven’t eaten McDonald’s in nearly two years.


I used to actually get mad when it was time for my annual health risk assessment.

Now, I actually look forward to seeing how much my health has improved.

I used to drink sweet tea from the time I got up to the time I went to bed. Seriously, we were going through 10 lbs. of sugar a week and I was drinking probably a gallon a day (at least a half gallon). Oh, and Cokes. I would buy a 24-pack no less than every other week.

Now, I drink sweet tea at lunch and at supper. I allow myself one refill because I use a smallish glass filled with crushed ice. I trade my supper tea for Coke once a week when I eat dinner at my sister’s house. I never buy canned sodas anymore.

I used to never eat fruit, other than the occasional banana, handful of grapes, or strawberries (sliced with sugar added, preferably on top of shortcake).

Now, I love fruit: pineapple, grapes, cherries, bananas, strawberries, apples, oranges, peaches. Yum!

I used to have trouble bending over to tie my shoes.

Now, I can bend and breathe at the same time.

I used to get out-of-breath climbing the stairs in our house. I’d try to hide it behind a cough, but I think it was obvious.

Now, I can run 5+ miles without stopping!

I used to think that I could never be a normal size again, that losing weight was something I couldn’t do.

Now, I’m somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 pounds from my goal weight!

What are some of your “used to’s”? If you’re at the beginning of your weight-loss journey, what are some of the things you’re looking forward to when you get to your goal-weight?

Do or do not. There is no try.

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