Weekly Wrap-Up: Earth Model Edition

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It’s been another successful, productive week. Now the question is whether or not I’ll be able to remember enough of it to post about.

The highlight of the kids’ week was probably Monday when we had enough snow flurries to result in a light dusting on the ground. Not enough to do anything fun like make snowballs or snowmen, but enough to excite these little southern kids who rarely see snow.

We’ve run the gamut in history this week, covering a couple of chapters in Story of the World pretty quickly since they aren’t focusing yet on what we’re most interested in — Medieval history. The kids did enjoy hearing the story of St. Nicholas, however. Megan and Nim didn’t realized it was “Santa Claus” until the very end, so they thought it was a really cool story.

In science, we’ve been discussing plate tectonics and Pangaea. It may sound boring, but it’s something that actually interests Brianna and I, so we enjoyed it. On Thursday, we did an activity from Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space in which we boiled eggs, then, rolled them around to crack the shells as a visual for plate tectonics. Then, we made deviled eggs. Yum!<

Brianna has been working steadily on our paper mache model of the earth. I finally realized, last Friday evening, that it wasn’t drying well because I was putting it in the garage and it was too cold. Once I brought it inside, it only required a day between layers, so things went much more quickly. I’ll probably post a how-to tomorrow, but you can see that it turned out really well, at least in my opinion.

earth model

Wednesday was our music class and the last day or our music/art co-op. We were finding it too difficult to get everyone together weekly and we had some changes in schedules, so we decided to call it quits. I am, however, going to make a valiant effort to continue our music and artist studies here at home. I also posted a tip for review cards on Wednesday, as my Works for Me Wednesday tip.

wwu state study

Today, we learned a bit about Alaska in our on-going study of the fifty states. I continue to be impressed with the kids’ drawings of things like the outline of the state, the state bird, and the state flower. We read The Gift of the Inuksuk by Mike Ulmer. We were going to attempt to make an Inuksuk, but I forgot to get the supplies together. Instead, the kids drew them on their state notebook pages. Not as hands-on, but it was fine with them.

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  1. That model earth is amazing!

    I found another website with Iditarod and mushing links if you are interested:

    I got a historical map of the trail from them a while back along with some neat information, most of which I think you can find looking around their website as well.

    I can understand forgetting to mention the inauguration, it seems so long ago already!

  2. You put me to shame with your amazing projects! Where do you get the ideas or the time?!

    This is my first WWU, I’m so happy to be participating.

  3. It looks great!!! And love the note card idea…(didnt post on that one.. sorry.. leaving it here.. lol…)

    Hope you have a great weekend my dear!

  4. I was checking out your State studies and the link. Just a quick question: do you have a certain link that you go to to find the answers to the notebooking pages-such as: state bird, motto, books to read about that state(Iditarod) etc.? ssealing@cfaith.com if you get the chance.

  5. @ Tie-dye

    I thought I’d answer you here because other people might be wondering. Right now, I don’t have a certain link for that info. I’ve just been Googling “[state name] facts”.

    It occurred to me last night that I think I have a book that will give me the info I need. It’s a Scholastic book, but I don’t have it in front of me right now, so I don’t have the name. I’m going to check it this weekend and, if it gives me the info I need, I’ll post the name later this week.

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