Celebrating Summer: Enjoying the Everyday this June

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Written by Alicia Hutchinson of Investing Love.

Even if you’ve only been a mom for a short time, I’m sure you’ve already figured out that summers days are fleeting. The space between June 1st and the last of August can feel like a blink, but it doesn’t have to. The secret that I’ve found to stretch out this short season is to celebrate the simple, everyday, seemingly mundane days of summer.

June 28th? What’s so special about that? July 17th? Why should we care about that day? By celebrating the little holidays, you’ll be celebrating and making memories all summer. I’m going to share with you a few days that deserve to be celebrated with your kids this summer with little or no money and minimal effort. All you need is a little inspiration and a tiny bit of planning time.

Celebrating Summer: Enjoying the Everyday this June

If you check out Holiday Insights website, you will find that nearly every day of the year is some type of registered holiday. Deviled Egg Day? Yes, please! National Pi Day? Of course! Titanic Remembrance Day? Sounds like a great excuse for a fun unit study! By choosing to remember several of these fun holidays every month, you’ll be making memories in no time this summer–you may even decide to carry this on throughout the year. Here’s a list of June holidays to celebrate and fun ideas to start the party.

Unique June Holidays

June 11th: Corn on the Cob Day – Nothing says SUMMER like a perfect, yellow cob of corn. Prepare a grilled feast with corn as your centerpiece. Know a farmer who would let you pick your own? Go for it! Try different ways of preparing corn on the cob and see who likes each type better. Make some flavored butter to spread over those hot kernels and enjoy!

Corn on the Cob Day

June 14th: Flag Day – This is a holiday created by a snowball-effect started by a kindergarten teacher in New York City to give his students a sense of ceremony and respect concerning the American flag. This event has since grown to a national holiday and every June 14th you will see flags flying everywhere you go.

On this day, hang a flag on a flagpole on your house. Don’t have one? Install one! Learn the proper way to care for and fold a flag and practice with your kids. For dessert tonight, make some easy cupcakes and decorate them with tiny toothpick flags. Read a book about Betsy Ross or have your children draw flags on a big piece of construction paper and use as placemats for dinner.

June 18th: Picnic Day – Plan a fun picnic for you and your kids. Start with the perfect picnic basket and get going. Think outside of the box and have a breakfast or dinnertime picnic. Plan on packing some new picnic foods, like deviled eggs or pancake kabobs for a breakfast picnic. You don’t have to go far; your backyard is plenty! Throw a blanket down and enjoy! Later, use sidewalk chalk to draw a picnic blanket on the sidewalk and draw out all your favorite goodies, even the ones that aren’t as picnic friendly.

June Holidays

June 25th: Log Cabin Day – Start off this fun holiday with waffles and Log Cabin maple syrup. Talk about Abe Lincoln and his log cabin days and create your own log cabin replica with Lincoln Logs or popsicle sticks.

June 28th: Paul Bunyan Day – Perhaps the most famous tall tale character out there, Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe have been creating stories for years and years. Take some time on this day to teach your kids about him and good old-fashioned folklore in general. Start out by reading some books about Paul Bunyan’s adventures. Try The Story of Paul Bunyan by Ed and Barbara Emberley or Paul Bunyan by Stephen Kellogg.

Take a quick trip to Goodwill to find the perfect plaid flannel shirts and come home and practice chopping wood. Have a fire with the fruits of your labor while you create some fancy lumberjack beards. Wearing your flannel shirts and beards, eat breakfast for dinner with some flapjacks and real maple syrup, just like Paul Bunyan likes.

Enjoy these simple and fun holidays with your kids. Soon, you’ll be searching for all kinds of fun holidays!

What are some of your favorite lesser-known holidays?

updated from an article originally published June 11, 2015

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