Maybe They Weren’t Always Thin

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Before I get into today’s post, I just have to say it happened yesterday!  A huge milestone that I’ve really been looking forward to.   Can you guess what “it” was?  First person to guess wins…well, the satisfaction of knowing that you were right.  That’s a good feeling, right?  Almost as good as I felt when “it” happened.  Make your guess and tomorrow I’ll let you know who was right.

Have you ever been out somewhere and noticed a thin person and felt a little like growling at them?  Once or twice or a few hundred times, maybe?  Jealousy is not a pretty thing.

A couple of weeks ago we were out and I found myself thinking that, to anyone who doesn’t know me, I just look like a fat girl.  I mean, people who don’t know me or see me regularly don’t know that I’ve been losing weight and, if you don’t know where I started, you don’t know that I’m not as fat a fat girl as I used to be.

There’s a guy at the Y who works out all the time.  He gets on the elliptical or treadmill and just goes for broke, pouring all he’s got into it…and pouring a lot of sweat, too, incidentally.  Remember “ugly naked guy” from Friends?  Brianna calls this guy “gross sweaty guy.”  Anyway, I’ve thought several times that I’d love to ask him how much weight he’s lost because there’s no way that he’s not lost some serious weight moving like he does.

So back to those skinny people.  It hit me that day that I was thinking about looking like a fat girl that when I’m at my goal weight and we’re out, anyone who doesn’t know me will just see a thin person.  They won’t look at me and be shocked at how much weight I’ve lost; they’ll just look at me and see a skinny girl.  And, maybe some fat girl will want to growl at me.

But, you know what I’ll know?  I’ll know that I didn’t get that way by random genetic chance (because I don’t believe in that anyway) or because I have some killer metabolism.  I’ll know that I got that way because I worked hard for it…and maybe some of those skinny girls I see have worked hard to be that way, too.  So, maybe, instead of being jealous, I should just be impressed that they’d made good choices for their bodies and their health.  And, maybe, I should just smile and know that I’ll be there soon.

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  1. My guess is you hit 40 lbs lost.

    About the rest of the post:

    Yes, I have completely been jealous of thin girls before, and you're right, I should be thinking less about them and more about what I should be doing!

    Great reminders!

  2. You got your first unsolicited comment about how much weight you've lost?

    As a thin girl (well maybe not right now because of the pregnancy, but I digress) who was formerly fat, thanks and I know you'll be joining our ranks soon :).

  3. I am guessing someone noticed your wieght loss or asked if you've been losing weight. I know that is something you have been waiting for 🙂

  4. Ding, ding, ding!! I got not one, but TWO unsolicited comments about my weight yesterday. One was from a friend who does know that I'm working to lose weight, but the other was from someone who had no idea.

    Very, VERY gratifying!

  5. Oh that's awesome! I was clicking over to comment that I thought you had hit the 40 lbs. mark but someone noticing is actually almost better! =D That's so nice. Makes all the effort feel so very worth it once people start noticing!


  6. I live with a foot in 2 worlds – I used to be MUCH heavier and I still have a long way to go. People I know now mostly don't know I used to weight over 300 pounds. Their eyes bug out, their jaw drops, they utter something along the lines of "no effing way!" But at 210 – I still have 60 pounds before I am 'average' sized or what I would consider thin. So to people I just meet, I'm still plus sized.
    I love when other people notice – way to go – that feeling is so amazing!! congrats!

  7. Good perspective…I need that too sometimes when my 'jealous horns' come out!

    Oh, and my guess is that you had your first person who didn't know you were losing weight comment on your weight loss. Do I win?!? 🙂

    Holly @ Making Over Me

  8. oops…just read the comments and saw that I was right…but wasn't the first to guess it. Congrats on the comments! That is awesome! Woo Hoo! I'm still waiting for that comment to come…at 25 pounds down now…so hopefully in the next 10 to 15 pounds that will happen!

  9. Good post…yes, I think it is easy to be jealous or for me it can be just frustration at myself when seeing others who are slim.

    YAY! Those comments are like little gems!

    Gave you an award at my blog! 🙂

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