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90’s Boy Bands: The Hot New Curriculum for Homeschoolers

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You don’t need to know how to play music to teach guitar in your home school. Moosiko makes learning guitar fun and easy for you and your children.

The following sponsored guest post was written by Dan Mascola, founder of Moosiko.

Okay, maybe they don’t want to learn 90’s boy bands, but I’ll bet your kids want to learn guitar! Moosiko is a new online guitar learning platform. It teaches beginners how to play their favorite songs and build skills on guitar. You can get in on the fun, too, and learn with your students.

Moosiko Online Guitar Lessons for Homeschool

Benefits of Music Instruction

Learning an instrument should be required for any middle or high school (homeschooled or not) curriculum. The benefits of playing music far outweigh the investment.

  • Enhances math, reading, and cognitive skills
  • Improves memory
  • Builds hand-eye coordination
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Encourages rigid discipline and practice mentality
  • Encourages sociability and expressiveness

Playing music not only drastically aids learning development in other areas, but it is also a valuable life skill. And who knows? Maybe you’ll create the boy band of the future!

Moosiko Online Guitar Lessons for Homeschool

Moosiko Online Guitar Instruction

For only a cheap used guitar and the accessibility of online guitar lessons, the investment is well worth it.  Moosiko has a wide range of song lessons. They feature traditional songs like Amazing Grace to the classics like Brown Eyed Girl or Wonderful Tonight.

Moosiko Online Guitar Lessons for Homeschool

Finding a music education resource for homeschooled children can be difficult, however. Private instructors are expensive and often inconvenient. Video-based content like YouTube and other sites are not personalized, which result in boredom and uninterested students. And once boredom sets in, it is a quick spiral to discouragement and eventually giving up.

A more effective and fun way to learn guitar is using students’ favorite songs. Moosiko provides a personalized, song-based approach to get students playing their favorite songs quickly and easily. The library of over 140 songs allows users to pick and play songs they love. Plus the Moosiko Magic Button recommends new songs to learn for every user based on their skills. So every user gets a personalized learning path via their favorite songs.

Moosiko Online Guitar Lessons for Homeschool

How to Try Moosiko

Moosiko has a free plan where you can try 3 free song lessons to get a taste. Their membership plan provides access to over 140 songs for only $9.99/month. You can request new songs if you want to teach your children songs they don’t yet have in their library.

Click here to signup for Moosiko and start your children on their musical journey!

Moosiko Online Guitar Lessons for Homeschool

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