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On this week’s Weekly Weigh-In, I mentioned that I’m really close to not being obese anymore!  As in 0.8 pounds close.  Kendra told me that I need to celebrate when I hit that mark and I realized that she’s right.  That’s a big stinkin’ accomplishment and I should not take it lightly.

I was at a loss, though, as to how to celebrate.  I mean, it obviously couldn’t involve food.  That would just totally send the wrong message.  I didn’t really want to do new clothes or shoes because I got both at Christmas and I don’t want to invest too much money in clothes while I’m still losing.

At dinner last night, my oldest suggested that we get those little confetti popper things and she and the other kids could stand around me as I got on the scale and pop them if I made my goal.  She was just kidding, but it was a fun idea – except for the fact that it would mean the kids would be awake during my workout and it would kind of stink if I didn’t make my goal this week.  I mean, I plan to and I’m working for it, but you know how that can go sometimes.  (I’m totally keeping it in mind for when I get close to my goal weight, though.  I think I should have my own Biggest Loser moment)

I also didn’t really want to do anything that would totally break the bank since Brian has been very supportive about any new clothes and workout equipment that I’ve wanted along the way.

I finally realized what I wanted.  It’s something that I saw while we were in Target last week and I thought it was so nifty.  It’s a Bobble water bottle:

bobble water bottle

They’re so cool!  They’re BPA-free, recyclable, and they have a built-in, replaceable water filtration system!  I’ve heard that the cons are they the water doesn’t come out very fast, so there’s no guzzling if you’re really thirsty, and the filtering process is a little loud.  But, I’m just thinking, wouldn’t that be cool to have if you were out and about and wanted water out of a fountain?

I thought that one of the bottles and a new workout shirt – since I recently got new workout pants – would make a nice reward for reaching that milestone, don’t you think?

What rewards do you have in mind for yourself as you reach your milestones?

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  1. First off–CONGRATS in advance!!!

    I have been trying to think about mine too. I like the idea of something small and personal. Something only for you, and not all about outward appearances. Like funky toenail paint when you are wearing socks. All for you.

    My hubby wants to go skydiving. But, since I won't let him, he found one of those indoor skydiving places in Gatlinburg TN. So…when he gets down to his goal (100 lbs) we are going on vacation. LOL.

  2. New underwear. I've been wearing the same 7 pairs of underwear since 2006, which is the last time I was at the weight that I'm trying to get back down to. I have refused to buy new underwear in a bigger size, and I also refuse to buy it in my preferred size and wear them now, because they'll just be all stretched out and too big once I get down to my goal weight. So for me, it's the promise of new underwear–and I have big incentive b/c these old ratty panties are really bad. Holes, stretched-out, bleach spots, you name it. I cannot WAIT to buy new ones. 🙂 Only 10 lbs to go.

  3. There is a scene in the movie, Holiday Inn, in which Fred Astaire is tossing fire crackers as he taps around the stage. I'm picturing something similar with you on the scale and the kids throwing poppers at your feet as you are hopping around to get away from them rather than actually standing on the scale. I'm thinking your new water bottle and workout shirt are probably a much better plan. Heehee!

  4. Oh, that's a good one, Cam! I've had to buy some new undies along the way, but I haven't invested in any good stuff. That would make a nice goal weight reward.

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