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It’s been awhile since I’ve shared photos.  My sister told me last week that I needed a new profile photo because the old one doesn’t do me justice anymore.  I hugged her.

So, Friday, I put on make-up and fixed my hair and my daughter and I had a photo shoot.  Unfortunately, the battery on my camera was low, so I didn’t get a photo that I liked well enough to replace my profile photo yet and the ones we did take turned out blurry with funky lighting, but still you can really tell a difference in the ones I want to share, so I’m sharing them anyway.

Just know that I’m really not green.  Or blurry.

The first one in this first set is from almost two years ago.  I was not even at my heaviest in this picture, but you can still see a huge difference.  This is the very same outfit in both photos, including the Capri pants.

004 (3)

See how the shirt was clinging to my arms in the first photo?  And how much room I have in the pants now?  As a matter of fact, they’re in my pile to get ride of because they are loose enough to be annoying.

This next photo is of me in the only pair of fat jeans I’m keeping.  I’m keeping them because I want them to be my “big reveal” (think Biggest Loser) pants.  You can already see what a huge difference 45 pounds makes:

before & after

The shirt I’m wearing in the picture above was one I couldn’t wear a few months ago.  Although you can’t tell from that picture, it no longer clings to my arms, either.

Can I just tell you how excited seeing these photos makes me?  If you’d told me five months ago that I would be enjoying this kind of success, I would not have believed you.  These pictures are all the motivation I need to keep plugging away, even during the weeks when I don’t lose what I’d hoped to.  My body is changing!

My mental outlook is changing, too.  I know that I’m still overweight — still obese, even — but I feel so much better about myself.  I’m no longer ashamed to meet Brian’s friends and co-workers.  I know this for a fact because we’ve met a few of them in the last couple of weeks and that old self-consciousness is gone.  I didn’t expect that part to change so quickly, but I’m so glad it has.  This new-found self confidence is nice…very nice.

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Did you like this article? If so, please help by sharing it!


  1. Kris you look AMAZING!! The changes you are making and the things you are doing are truly inspirational!

  2. I'm so glad for you! You're looking great. And I totally know what you mean about the meeting of the hubby's co-workers. I used to feel that way too.

  3. You are looking fabulous! Congratulations on your success!!! Your hard work is definitely paying off:) 🙂 🙂

  4. That is SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!

    Just so's you know – this past week we went on a family bike ride (my motivation in thinking it was possible was you and your blog!) and you are right- don't know why we didn't do this sooner! I've also just started watching The Biggest Loser. Uh, that'll motivate a person!

    At any rate, my progress is slow but I"ve been working out like crazy lately and have been making food fuel instead of a comfort and my sleeves are not clinging as much either. I think I'm finally turning the mental corner on this.

    Thanks for continuing to blog your journey. I may not always leave comments, but I'm watching and being inspired!

  5. Amazing! I haven't popped over hear in awhile, and now I see beaming photos of you and a tremendous amount of passion and committment. How do you do it? I know you homeschool — and that takes a lot of time. I know you parent and care for a house and husband — and that takes time. Plus you maintain 2 of your own blogs, blog for TOS and still workout that much? How?? I'm asking b/c I truly want to know. My life balance has been all out of whack lately, and I think you could teach me a thing or two.

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