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I’ve seen Union 28 around the web for a long time and I always enter to win one of their trendy, marriage-honoring shirts whenever I come across a giveaway. I finally bought one of my own a few weeks ago after reading one of Connie’s tweets about the positive comments she kept getting about her “my husband rocks” shirt.

Connie’s tweet made me realize that people really do pay attention to other people’s t-shirts and that, in addition to honoring my husband and letting him know how awesome I think he is, I could also be helping to spread the idea that marriage is an institution worthy of honor, not the insignificant, tired, old ritual often portrayed in today’s society.


The first time I wore my shirt, I didn’t say a word. I wanted to see how long it would take Brian to notice it. It didn’t take long. He saw it from the back first and commented that he liked my new shirt…then he saw the front.


I wish you could have seen his face light up.

One of Brian’s two primary love languages is words of affirmation, so this shirt is more than just a shirt to him. It lets him know, every time I wear it, that I think he’s pretty awesome.


My husband rocks because…

…he’s always supported everything I’ve ever done or ever wanted to do. (Well, except after 2 direct sales ventures, he has asked me never to sign up to sell anything again. I think that’s a pretty fair request.)

…he calls me every day just to say hello and that he loves me.

…he once bought me a Kenny Chesney CD just because it had the song, I Lost It on it and the song makes him think of me.

…he washed my van last Sunday while I took a nap…and I didn’t ask him to.

….he spoils me.

…he’s my best friend.

…he tells me every day that I’m beautiful and he loves me.

…he can fix just about anything.

…he kills the creepy bugs that find their way in the house.

…he knows sunflowers are my favorites and he buys them for me for no reason.

…he knows when to buy me a Frosty and when to say no and save me from myself.

…he’s a great dad.

…he never drinks the last glass of sweet tea.

…he runs errands and chauffeurs the kids because he knows I don’t like to.

…on cold mornings, he gets up and turns on the heat so that it’s warm when we wake up.

…he puts up with my dog.

…he gets my sarcastic sense of humor.

…he loves me just as I am.

My husband rocks! Does yours?

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Did you like this article? If so, please help by sharing it!


  1. Love the post. My husband rocks for so many reasons, but I gotta pick one– he is tender and kind with the kids and prays with them every night.

  2. I love their shirts and have one, but I would love another. : ) My husband rocks because he has such a vision for our family. Where he wants us to grow spiritually, financially, relationally. So easy for him to see the big picture when I see laundry and runny noses. : )

  3. My husband rocks because he is my opposite, he balances me out and makes our family work!  He's also very patient with my hormonal craziness – I'in pregnancy #10 in 11 years and he still loves me.

  4. My husband rocks because he honors Jesus with his life, which of course, spills over to us, his family.  Nothing could be more worthy of "rocking."

  5. My husband rocks for so many reasons.  He has brought my parents into our home and cared for them with such love and tenderness.  He has carried them to the doctor, helped me feed them, help train my children to do the same (my Mom has a P. E. G. tube) and even helps clean my parents up.  I don't know many men who would do that, but he does it on a daily basis!  And that is just ONE of the reasons, my husband rocks.

  6. My Husband Rocks because he makes personal sacrifices to afford our homeschool curriculum.

    And I like the long sleeve "I Love My Husband" shirt!

  7. He loves me in spite of all my scars, physical and mental. He supports me. He keeps it quiet enough for me to sleep in on Saturday AND cleans the kitchen! He remembers my birthday and our anniversary with no prompting or hints. He is the nicest man I've ever met! He is a great dad. He's a great provider. He will get out of bed to kill a bug. (he's also good at getting rid of snakes) He doesn't complain. He loves my cooking.

  8. My husband rocks because he really makes an effort to know me and remember things about me.  It is a true treasure.

  9. My husband rocks because he encourages me when I feel like I can't do it all; he makes me laugh harder than anyone I know; he has a servant's heart; he puts our family first; he just lost 25 pounds from sheer determination

  10. My husband works 2nd shift.  Every afternoon he faithfully heads in to work.  In doing so, he misses all the t-ball and softball games, ballet practices, field trips, parades and normal family evening activities.   He gives up all those fun things that he wants to participated in to make sure his family has their needs provided for.   One of the many ways my husband rocks.

  11. My husband rocks because he is financially responsible. I know that sounds dull, but it's wonderful to be married to someone who isn't after the latest, newest or awesomest. We're down to one computer and really want/need another, but we've got medical bills and such. There is no pressure form my husband to get another computer or tablet or laptop. Words can not express how lovely it is to be married to someone who wants something but doesn't run out and get it unless we can afford it.

  12. My husband rocks in so many ways.  Allowing me to be a stay at home mom and knowing why it's important is probably the most rewarding thing he does for me.

  13. My husband rocks! He's supportive, caring, thoughtful, and sweet! He's an awesome dad, loves to read aloud to our 4 children, and treasures family time above "me time". I love him!!!

  14. Hi Kris,

    I've been a reader for sometime but this is my first comment.  Today happens to be my anniversary, and I've posted about it here:

    It's called "I Love My Husband."  


  15. Hard to choose a favorite- I liked them all! Perhaps the tie-dyed my husband rocks??? I'm totally buying the my husband, my hero for my sister-in-law for Christmas! (Although, she would LOVE the pink my husband rocks shirt… she loves all things pink!)

  16. lol- i love the things you do on here Kris!  My husband (of a whole week and a half) totally rocks!- he married a single mom with SEVEN children.  Kudos- major kudos =)

  17. I LOVE Union 28!  In fact, last year one of my gifts to my husband for Christmas was a t-shirt for him and a tank top for me, both saying how our spouses rock.  It was a fun gift and we both enjoy it when they are worn!  My next "want" from Union 28  is a hoodie or the t-shirt that says "My marriage still rocks" . . . .love that! 

  18. My husband rocks because…
    He is a true man who knows how to take care of our family
    He does anything and everything to protect us
    He is saved and not afraid to tell others about the Lord
    He spoils us like crazy
    He is always there if we need him and even if we don't
    He fights for freedom and has served this country in the military for the last 13 years

    I could go on and on but I will stop here <3


  19. My husband rocks because  he works looong hours away from his family to support us, and allow me to stay home and homeschool. He works out of town all week every week, and lots of weekends too. Most weeks he gets 8-10 hours of sleep *per week* and has to catch up on the weekends he is home with us, at the same time feeling guilty because he wants to spend time with us. Yes, my husband ROCKS! It would be so cool to be wearing this shirt when he walks in the door after being gone for two weeks. clowens9144 at yahoo dot com

  20. My husband rocks because he works hard to support our family of 5. His work ethic has allowed us the opportunity for me to be a stay at home mom and to home educate our children. 

  21. – Husband rocks because he works hard, doesn't complain when he's too tired , loves me and the kids unconditionally, helps me with the housework, which i'm not so good at, laughs at my temper tantrums, and loves me anyways. He always puts us first, and does it with a smile.  I Couldn't be Luckier. ♥

  22. If I win, it will be hard to choose. I also like the "I love my husband" shirt and "My husband is my BFF." 🙂

  23. Today my dh & I are celebrating 14 years of marriage and my husband rocks because….
    -he's my best friend
    -he makes me laugh and goes out of his way to do so
    -he loves my laugh while I think I kinda sound like an asthmatic horse
    -he is a great father
    -he works very hard so that I can stay at home with our kids and home educate them
    -he knows my weakness for Diet coke and buys them just 'cause
    -he tolerates my dog, my shoe obsession and my many other 'loves'
    -no matter how much I screw up, he still loves me and is so quick to forgive…I have learned more about what being a Christian is from him than from any sermon I have ever heard….

  24. My husband rocks because he works two jobs so I can be at home with our precious ones.  He is a leader in our home.  He is an amazing daddy and loves his children dearly.  He makes me smile and laugh always. 

  25. My husband rocks because after several turbulent beginning years of marriage we have made it to the place of learning to navigate the complexities of each other.  We stuck with it for the long haul and are so glad we didn't give up!!  He rocks because he anticipates my needs and tries to meet them before I even ask.  He rocks because he is my hero always ready to come to my rescue (even once after we had broken up when we were dating) and I have never had to hire a handyman ever because he can fix anything.  He rocks because he is a great dad and even though he acts tough his tenderness shows through in so many precious ways.  There, that's a good start anyway. 😉

  26. My husband rocks because : he loves me even when I don't deserve it, he puts the kids to bed every night, he lets me have horses and even helps me with all the work involved, he takes care of the vehicles, always knows when I need extra snuggles, encourages me in everything I do.

  27. Where to start?  He rocks because he started his own business this year and is working so hard, trusting God the whole way.  He has also gotten in the best shape of his life this year, losing 40 pounds and getting stronger than ever.  He loves God, he loves me, he loves our children.  

  28. My husband rocks because he works so hard to provide for our family–he's a teacher and works in a recording studio as needed.  Oh, and he literally rocks on Sundays since he's also our church's worship pastor.  🙂  

  29. My husband rocks because he sacrifices so much time away from us to provide for us so I can be a stay at home homeschooling mom and because his heart is broken for the orphans of Haiti and he spends all his free time working to raise money so he can go deliver beds and supplies to them next month. 

  30. My husband rocks because he agreed to move in with my parents so I could stay home and homeschool our kids. (this is only one of the many reasons he rocks)

  31. My husband rocks because he cares more about our hearts and needs than our wants.  He knows that the most important job he has is to lead our girls to a relationship with the Lord and to model a faithful lifestyle for them.  He totally rocks!

  32. There are so many reasons My Husband Rocks. He is a chief resident physician, a wonderful father to our two spunky kids, my best friend and an amazing Christian man. I would love to have the: My Husband Rocks Rhinestone Fitted Long Sleeve Tee , because this Southern girl loves a little bling!

  33. My husband ROCKS!! We have been married for 32 years. We raised two wonderful children. Almost six years ago our neice was pregnant with her second child, a child she didn't want. We adopted him. Two years ago we took her two daughters to raise. All special needs.  We are homeschooling them and working hard to give them the best we can. He loves them and they love their daddy:) All this without a second thought to the life we had planned on living! He is the most loving dad and husband:) We are truly blessed. 

  34. My husband rocks because he takes all 4 kids with him to the grocery store so I can take a bath without anyone calling "Mommy!", <3

  35. My husband rocks and he knows it…I tell him all the time.  Twenty-seven years of marriage and friendship make him a solid 10 in my book. I think he rocks because he honors me every day with his time and his attention. Going to text him now….Love you Big D.

  36. Love the t-shirts!  Especially the plain black one with the red heart.  My hubby rocks because he has shown me unconditional love & support over the past 14 years!

  37. Where to start? He adores our children, he delivered our second. He works all night long all week long to come home Friday morning and stay up all day to keep our girls while I go work for the one day. He helps teach our girls on subjects I am not as good at. He makes sure our girls know they can do ANYTHING! He loves me unconditionally and makes sure not only I, but everyone else knows it. He believes in me when I don't believe in myself and pushes me to try in spite of my fears. He is my answer to prayer and worth the wait. 

  38. My husband rocks because he is the best Dad and provider for our family!  He rocks because he puts up with me and all of my flaws.  He rocks because he makes me laugh every day, and keeps me from being to serious.

  39. What a fun give-a-way. My husband rocks because he works, and then he works more, and works more. Just to make sure thatv we can continue to homeschool and have me stay at home.
    He supports me in my decisions, no matter how radical they may be  🙂
    His heart is mine..and ONLY mine!
    Because he is big, strong, and a great cuddler!!!

    So much more I could add on here……

  40. I like the shirt you have, but in pink. I also really like the pink rhinestone one!!  Theres are very cute and one for anyones style!

  41. My Husband rock's for a million different reason's but at the top of the list this week is all the overtime he is putting in so I can have a girls road trip with my friend and go to a wedding 22 hrs away all while he has the three girls for the week.

  42. My husband rocks because he is a follower of God and loves him dearly. He loves his family so much and is always there for us.
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  43. My husband rocks because with one look he knows whether to hug me or to crack a joke.  He knows me better than anyone else!

  44. Awesome shirt! My husband rocks because he supports me in being a mom and homeschooling (and many other adventures too). He supports our family and keeps family first (after God!) even while returning to medical school and now finishing up residency. Interviewing him for medical school they asked if he was willing to give up everything else to make medical school work. He made it clear then that school would come after God and family and he has stuck to it!

  45. They have such great shirts and I've never heard of them! My favorite is yours – The Original crew neck. But those hoodies look great too!

  46. I love the post and the shirt.  This is my first time commenting, though I have been touched by your blog.  My husband is amazing and rocks because when I felt called to homeschool and quit my job (working in my sons public school), he not only AGREED but completely supported me.  Even when the students and coworkers cried he kept me focused on our own children.  He rocks because I would never have had the courage to do this if he didn't push me into it when I got scared and thought about changing my mind.  Today was our FIRST day as homeschoolers and it was so worth it.  He does such great things all of the time but this has been one of the most special to me.  Thanks!!

  47. My husband rocks because he takes care of my daughter peeing through her cloth diapers onto the bedsheets when I am too sick to care.  He rocks because he is concerned for my health and knows when to tell me no more candy.  He rocks because he supports everything I do even when he doesn't want to (he hates listening to choirs and won't go listen to them with me or when I'm int hem but totally watches our daughter so I can go practice).  He rocks because he lets me have girls night with my mom now and again.  He rocks because he helps me manage our family.  He rocks because he rocks so hard I don't want to stop saying how much he rocks!

  48. I really like the United in All Times tee because my marraige has always been there through all of our ups and downs (mostly rough times right now but not our marraige which is awesome).

  49. My husband rocks because he lives a life that directs people to Jesus.  He is a fantastic father and husband.

  50. My husband rocks because he is patient, he is kind, he is loving…my husband rocks because he is the primary homeschooling parent of our 2 children (ages  9 and 11) which we all know can test your patience every once in a while…but, he always seems to keep his cool ~ even when he has to explain why X = 4 for the the 10th time that hour or why the 'I' comes before the 'E' in some words but not all of them, when to use CK or KE in a word…or whatever other why's those sweet girls can come up with in one days time…Like I said, my husband just rocks ~ we love him!

  51.  my husband rocks because he always knows exactly what i need at the precise time i need it and he lovingly provides. 

  52. My hubby rocks because he is my best friend!  He has put up with my craziness for 11 years, and is a great, caring, gentle dad to our 4-year-old son.  He's the greatest!

  53. I'd love to win the "original" My Husband Rocks t-shirt.  Love the simplicity of the amazing statement.

  54. My husband rocks because he works so hard to support our family.  He supports my efforts as a mom and does more than his fair share to make things run smoothly around the house. 

  55. I've never heard of this, but I love it!  (I found out about your giveaway from 2 friends' Facebook posts.)  My husband rocks because he loves the Lord with all his heart, is a great dad, and continues to put forth energy to keep our marriage great. 

  56. I have seen Union28 around too & really want to win this shirt! 🙂  My hubby rocks for so many reasons, but the number one is that he speaks my love language.  Today, he came home from mailing a package at the post office & said "Honey!  Look! I got you Christmas stamps!  The cute ones!  I remember last year you were bummed that they were sold out when you went to buy them after Thanksgiving so I decided to get them for you today so they wouldn't be sold out" 🙂  So sweet!

  57. My husband rocks because he loves me even when I'm unlovable.  (He is also my best friend, an amazing Dad, and loves God with all his heart.)

  58. I hope it is not too late to enter the contest.  I love that shirt and I love my husband.  There is not enough room here to tell you all about how my husband rocks, but suffice it to say that he is a loving, supportive, and  wonderful husband.  He is an architect and they just opened the huge airport terminal that he was responsible for.  His name is in the floor tile and he was honored at several parties and dinners.  He is a wonderful provider for our family.  I have been telling everybody that he rocks, but it would be so great to wear the message on my shirt.   Here is my keeping my fingers crossed.

  59. My husband rocks because he has taken such good care of me! We have been married 15 years and I have loved them all. I have been very sick for over two years and have only started feeling better the past couple of months. (For which I am so grateful!) My husband went above and beyond in taking care of me and the kids thru it all. When my doctor sat down with him and told him how important it was for me to do as little as possible, he just did it all. No complaints and made me feel loved and cherished the entire time. I hated that he had to do so much and felt so guilty. He didn't want me to feel guilty, he told me he just wanted me to rest and heal and get better. I am so grateful to be able to do more now, but I will never forget how self-sacraficing he was! I have always loved him, but my respect for him as a godly man has grown to proportions that I didn't know were possible. I would be proud to wear a shirt that says my husband rocks!

  60. I looked at Union 28 and the My Husband Rocks is still my favorite! I really like the boys' My Dad Rocks as well.

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