Review: Zeezok Publishing (The Great Composer Series)

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I had never heard of Zeezok Publishing, but I sure am glad I have now.  Zeezok offers a wide variety of resources including penmanship books, literature and their Great Composer Series, which our family received.

Although the items are sold individually, we received a composer set (Handel/Schumann), which includes a biography of each composer, study guides for each book and a companion CD featuring the music of the two composers.  We loved this set!


The biographies are engaging, well-written stories that draw everyone into the action.  From my youngest, age 8, to my oldest, age 14, I get no complaints when I pull out these books (well, the book since we’re still reading about Handel…these are not short biographies, but they are very interesting) and we often read longer than I’d intended because everyone (including me) is really enjoying the story.

I’ve been very impressed with the details that the kids have retained about the life of Handel.  When we go over the comprehension questions, I don’t get those all-too-familiar blank stares because the kids have been drawn into the story and are getting the details.

I really love the CD.  Too often, when you do composer studies, the music is not included with the curriculum, so you either have to hope your library has something suitable or that you can find something on the Internet.

The Great Composer Series sets include the music.  Not only is the listening CD included, but the sheet music is, as well, so my ambitious, music-loving boy can attempt to play the actual music composed by Handel.

The only part of the set that I wasn’t totally impressed with were the coloring sheets.  They’re available on the enhanced CD, which includes audio files for all the music, coloring pages, and sheet music.  To me, though, they aren’t really coloring pages as much as copies of the black and white illustrations from the biography.  This means that they aren’t outlines and many parts of the picture that the kids might like to color are already filled in with black ink.  That’s my only complaint about these sets, though.

The sets available in the Great Composer Series include:

  • Bach/Mozart
  • Beethoven/Haydn
  • Brahms/Schubert
  • Handel/Schumann
  • Foster/MacDowell
  • Chopin (2 book set)

Each of the sets are sold for $35.80 each, with the exception of Chopin, which is only $30.90.  When you purchase the set, the companion CD is included free, a savings of $7.95.

The Great Composer Series is one that I can wholeheartedly recommend.  These quality biographies, along with samples of the composer’s music, combine to provide a product that will enhance any music appreciation curriculum you may be using, as well as making a perfect stand-alone composer study.

The items we received from Zeezok Publishing are definitely on my list of favorite things we’ve reviewed this year.  Visit their site and see what other products they have available.

I received this product free for the purpose of reviewing it.  I received no other compensation for this review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions.  Your experience may vary.

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