Self-Correcting Math Activities for Preschoolers

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I’ve been trying to find some interesting, self-correcting activities that Nim can do with little supervision for times when I’m working one-on-one with the older kids. The other day, I made her some “checking cards” for the number matching game I made her a couple of weeks ago.

The checking cards are simple. I just put the stickers, the number and the number word all on the same card so that Nim can count the stickers and look at the number/number word to see if she put the right sticker cards and number/number word cards together.

I also made her some pattern cards, using. I just used colored stickers and made several cards with different patterns in varying degrees of difficulty:

self-correcting math activities

She can now use counting bears or the colored counter chips that we have to copy and/or complete the patterns:

math activities with counting bears

I guess that one’s not really self-correcting, but she’ll have fun with it.

Do you use any self-correcting preschool activities that we might enjoy?

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  1. Love those cards. I mentioned self-correcting games in my post about what I put in Quiet Time boxes and I was looking at a Discovery Toys catalog this week at their self-correcting preschool games. I just might have to try this before I go spending any money on those though!

  2. Oh I love that stickers and bears idea… DD is starting to notice patterns but is not ready yet to “continue” a pattern. But I hadn’t even thought of just COPYING a pattern. We’ve got some stringing frog beads that would work just like your bears!

    We’re doing Montessori-inspired preschool with DD so “self-correcting” is what it’s all about! We have mini knobbed cylinder blocks, tons of wooden puzzles of various ilks, shape clocks, a texture-matching clock, etc etc etc…

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