Step by Step: Counting and Number Recognition Activity

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Sunday night I threw together a quick number recognition activity for Nim. I worked with her on it Monday and she loved it! It was simple, inexpensive and turned out to be great practice for counting as well as number recognition.

Step 1: I stuck smiley face stickers representing the numbers 1-10 on blank 3 X 5 index cards. I happened to have the stickers, but even simply drawing circles (or another shape) on the cards would have sufficed.

number recognition activity

Step 2: I shuffled the cards so that they were NOT in numerical order. So, the first thing Nim did was to put the cards in order. She can count from 1-10, but having to think about putting the cards in order, along with making sure that the cards had the right number of stickers was great counting practice.

number recognition for preschoolers

Step 3: Once the cards were in order, I let her use a set of number stamps to stamp the correct number on the cards. This is where the number recognition came in – finding the right number stamp to go with each card. If you don’t have number stamps, this could easily be adapted by writing the number on a second set of cards for matching or writing the number on blank stickers or label sheets.

number activities for preschool

What games do you and your preschooler enjoy playing for number recognition?

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