Sweet Shot Tuesday: The Lock

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Last week, I went to visit my dad and step-mom.  They live in the house that was my grandmother’s when I was growing up — a house that is full of sweet memories and old, artsy stuff.  I couldn’t wait to start snapping photos with my new camera.  My favorite was this one of the door to the crawlspace under the house, which turned out exactly as I had envisioned:


A close second was this photo of my grandmother’s old, rotary phone.  This was the phone that she and my grandfather would pull into the living room, attached to the incredibly long phone cord, when I visited and would want to call my mom or my dad:


And, I just have to include my two favorite photos from the historic/self-made photo walk of our city last week:

The Chair
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  1. Oooo pretty! Great shots! Have you met Robin at Around the Island? I read her, she's a lady in Israel who has a summer time only photo link up. She's really good, I don't know how to insert a link and too lazy to go figure it out now so I'll just leave the link below if you want to check it out 🙂


    I want a good camera! So so so bad!! Especially since we're going to Libya, you know a country with largely unknown travel destinations which only this months started issuing travel visas to Americans. (bitter much?) *sigh* We had some money saved up for one but decided to use it to buy Tony and Billy laptopsso they can more easily keep in touch with their mom and other family members while we're gone. It was the better investment for our family, and I'm really not bitter, but I still drool over good cameras online 🙂

  2. Love the lock.
    And the phone!
    We have tried to find an old rotary phone that doesn't cost a fortune. Ahh well. Someday!

  3. Love the lock piX ~ I enjoy capturing rusted objects too. Your grandmothers' vintage rotary phone is a real treasure!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comment. Yep, we are definitely on the same page with rusted, old, weathered things. Love the rotary phone. Keep that one for the kids to see. I've been meaning to take a class, but all my money seems to need to go somewhere else lately. Oh well. I will get a class soon I hope.

  5. Love the rusty hinge, but my favorite is the rotary phone. I'm not that ancient but we still have one in our house that is hooked up and works. When I loose my portable I can always go to the rotary phone! Thanks for visiting my page and your nice comments.

  6. I see that you've been having fun with the new camera. Great shots!

    I've been out of the blog-loop for a couple of weeks but now I can't wait to catch up.

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