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I was so excited a couple of weeks ago to learn that I’d won a $100 Lowe’s gift card and a homeschool planner from Apologia World!

I wasn’t sure, at first, what we would do with the Lowe’s card, then, I remembered something that I’d been wanting for awhile, but had put out of my mind. A new backsplash and range hood for our stove!

As we’ve replaced appliances, we’ve gone from almond to black. The fridge was the last thing helping the poor almond backsplash and range hood not feel too out-of-place.

Then, it died and was replaced by a new, black fridge.

I’ve been looking at this for so long I didn’t even notice it anymore since non-necessities tend to take a backseat in single-income families:


Thanks to Apologia World, now, I get to look at this:


Much better.

Turns out, we didn’t even need the backsplash – the almond one was black on the back! So, now, I get to return it and do a little more shopping. Brian and I were talking the other night and we’re going to use the rest of the money to replace a broken air vent cover and the mini-blinds in Josh’s room that were destroyed by this guy:


Don’t let the sweet and innocent look fool you. Now that he’s outside most of the time, it should be safe to get new blinds.

Thanks, Apologia World and Lowe’s, for my little home improvement project!

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Did you like this article? If so, please help by sharing it!


  1. You can fix the mini blinds if it is just the slats that are messed up. In fact if you are planning on replacing them anyway, you could let your son try to fix them. At the bottom of the mini blind, you undo the 2 or 3 cords that go through the centers of the slats and then just swap the broken slats out. The blinds will be a little shorter but they are usually too long anyway.

    Then you get to pick something more fun from Lowes 😉

  2. The picture of your cat!  I can't. stop. laughing!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 

    I love your blog.  I know you have no idea who I am, but I feel like I know YOU and that's what makes reading your blog such a joy. 🙂 🙂

    Happy Homeschooling (and kitchen-re-doing)!

  3. That cat is certifiably insane. He was a stray we picked up at my dad's. We almost didn't bring him home, but I'm so glad we did. He's got the best personality. Crazy, but fun.

  4. Yay, new stuff!!!  That is wonderful.  I know how that goes, pushing back the things things that are not necessary.  I just wish I could get the kids to grow out of their shoes in a staggers manner 😉

  5. It makes such a difference!  That is awesome that you were able to get it without financial stress.  It looks great!

  6. The almond paint sets a good backdrop for the kitchen. It depends on how you modify the interior.

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