Retelling The Story of The First Thanksgiving

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Pam shares an adorable Thanksgiving printable crafts that your little ones can use to retell the traditional story of the first Thanksgiving.
Written by Pam Odd of Keeping Life Creative.

“Mommy! Do you want to come see my show?!” The familiar call from sweet, childlike voices echoes up from our basement playroom. When I join them, the entertainment begins with favorite tales reenacted by My Little Ponies or Lego Mini Figures with 7- and 5-year-old voice-overs.

Do your kids enjoy acting out stories? Incorporating age-appropriate role-playing into your homeschooling is a fun way to enhance a lesson or assess comprehension. After reading a story or teaching a concept, ask your children to retell it to you, summarizing the plot or main points.

My kids particularly enjoy retelling with visual aids. So as (American) Thanksgiving approaches, we had fun creating these simple Thanksgiving printable crafts – Pilgrim and Native American storytelling props – and retelling the traditional story of The First Thanksgiving.

Supplies Needed for Thanksgiving Printable Crafts:

pilgrim and indian storytelling supplies

How to Make the Thanksgiving Printable Crafts

First, color the Pilgrim and Native American Storytelling Printable.

pilgrim and indian storytelling color

Then cut out each character and the paper strip on either side (keeping both intact).

pilgrim and indian storytelling

Someone thought the project would be much prettier if we painted the toilet paper tubes, but this step is completely optional.

pilgrim and indian storytelling paint

Glue the paper strips around the toilet paper roll.

Thanksgiving crafts for kids

When you’re finished, display your cute crafts as a seasonal decoration or use as props in re-telling the story of The First Thanksgiving.

printable Thanksgiving crafts for kids

>>Download your free Pilgrim and Native American Storytelling printable.

What are some fun ways you’ve incorporated storytelling into your lesson plans?

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  1. Hi! I’m stopping by from the Preschool and Kindergarten Community link up. I love the print out. Thanksgiving is past in Canada for this year, so I’m stashing it for later. I hope that you are having a great day. I’ll stop in again.

  2. You saved my day today. I faithfully read every post you write, but have never left a comment. My helper isn’t here to help with my two special needs children so I can school my older ones and so my older kids decided they wanted to make indian & pilgrim puppets today. I went on pinterest to see if anyone had a printable for the littles and your post popped up! Thank you for saving this rainy day for us. 🙂

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