Thursday Thirteen: Random Things About Me

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1. Probably my all-time favorite movie, based solely on the fact that I can watch it over and over again is While You Were Sleeping. Some close runners up are all the original Star Wars movies, As Good As It Gets, and My Cousin Vinnie (except, I find it harder, as I’ve gotten older, to ignore the horrible, horrible language…it’s a funny movie, though).

2. My favorite kids’ movies, based on the fact that I will watch them regardless of whether any of the kids are watching with me, are Enchanted, Nim’s Island and Mulan.

3. My favorite TV shoes are Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends and Forensic Files.

4. I love trivia games! I have always loved testing my knowledge base, particularly when it comes to useless bits of information.

5. I’m particular about my drinks. I like my sweet tea best when it’s cold, straight from the fridge with no ice to water it down. However, I like my Mickey D’s sweet tea in one of their Styrofoam cups (I will ask for one if they give me plastic), FULL of ice. And, I can’t drink Coke from a can. It has to be in a cup FULL of ice…and, preferably, ice cold from the fridge.

6. I own two snakes of my own…and I totally would have kept the one we caught Monday night if I could have convinced Brian. I already had a name for him….Booger, because he was one! Boy, was he feisty!

7. I have dreamed of becoming a writer since I was in high school when I began my first book — a Harlequin First Romance. Do they even still sell those??

8. If I could be guaranteed another boy, giving us an equal number of boys and girls, I would totally have another baby. His name would be Nathan and we’d call him Nate.

9. I like menu planning and grocery shopping. I guess it’s because it’s about the only time I can spend money guilt-free.

10. If you read my blog and picture me as tall, thin and blonde….well, let’s just go with your mental image! Except, I do like my dark hair. Other than that, I like the fact that blogging is kind of like being on the radio…people don’t really have to know what you look like!

11. I love planning and organizing things…but I’m not too crazy about the follow through part.

12. Readers’ Digest is the only magazine to which I subscribe. As soon as it comes in the mail, I carry it to my bathroom and put it on the back of the toilet, where it stays until I’ve read the whole thing.

13. The nicest car I’ve ever driven was a fully-loaded Nissan Maxima…leather interior, Bose stereo system. It was nice! We had to trade it in on our mini-van when I found out I was pregnant with Megan. I still miss that car…but I wouldn’t trade being a mom to my three kiddos for any of the “things” the world has to offer.


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  1. I thought Enchanted was a riot! Laughed and laughed. Well, I’m going to have to steal this Thursday Thirteen thing. Very cool.

  2. I have never understood the appeal of sweet tea. Give me an iced tea with lemon and please, no sugar! 😉

    I agree with your kid movie choices though-fun!

    Nice TT!

  3. I really enjoy meeting new people and learning more about them by reading these meme’s! Great list!

    I really like While You Were Sleeping, too! Great movie!

    I enjoy Everybody Loves Raymond! Good laughs!

    Happy TT, and thanks for sharing!
    I have my TT up to here

  4. You sound like someone I’d love to meet. Sounds like we have a lot of the same tastes. We do the same with our Readers Digest. And I felt like cheering over #13!

    Happy TT!

  5. Wow, I could have written some of your post– esp #1 (one of my favorites), #3 ( LOVE Friends), 5 (same weird sweet tea things) and 12…(love RD!). I was also homeschooled for about 6 years. Hope you are all having a wonderful school year so far!

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