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I thought since I was sharing my top ten posts of the year on my homeschool blog, it would be fun to do so here, too.  Plus, while I had an idea what the top ten would be on my homeschooling blog, I had no idea what they might be on Eclipsed.  So, here they are, my most clicked-on posts of 2010:

1.  Why Eclipsed?  This is a post explaining how and why I started my weight-loss blog and why I went with the name Eclipsed.

2.  Grilled Chicken and Fruit Salad.  Yum!  This is still my number one choice for lunch.  The fruit changes with the seasons (right now, apples and avocados are my top pick; strawberries and grapes are too expensive.)


3.  Works for Me Wednesday: Healthy Snacking.  This posts lists a few of my favorite healthy snacking options.

healthy snacking

4.  Works for Me Wednesday: Backwards EditionIn this “backwards edition” Works for Me Wednesday, I asked for your favorite healthy recipes.  Feel free to go share yours in the comments.  I’m always looking for new recipes to try.

5.  Recipe: Low-fat Pineapple Angel Food Cake.  This simple, delicious, and very low-fat cake is a hit wherever I take it – and nobody ever suspects that it’s a healthy, calorie-friendly option.

pineapple angel food cake

6.  What Are You Doing?  This post answers one of the most popular questions that I’ve been asked starting around the time I’d lost about 40 pounds.

7.  Works for Me Wednesday: Making Workouts More Palatable.  Even after more than a year of healthy eating and activity, I still don’t love working out, so these are tips that I still use to make it more bearable.

8.  I Didn’t RealizeIn this post, I reflect on the things I hadn’t realized about how negatively my weight-loss was affecting me.  I’m so glad that I’ve dropped so much weight.  I can’t wait to see how I feel once I get the other 30 pounds off!

9.  Works for Me Wednesday: Visualization.  In this WFMW post, I shared a tip that really helps me realize what a big deal losing “only” one pound really is.

10.  Works for Me Wednesday: Rationing Fruit.  I don’t really use this tip anymore since I discovered that Megan was the only one who didn’t let her fruit go bad.  I’d rather have the other kids complaining that Megan ate all the fruit than to throw out fruit that went bad…but it did work for me for a little while.


My personal favorite was probably my One Year Anniversary post in which I got to share the results that, when I started, I never really thought I’d see.  Did you have a personal favorite?

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