Top Ten Things About Losing Weight

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I’ve lost over 64 pounds!  That is such an exciting feeling.  When I first started, I never thought I’d really be successful.  Then, I got to the “do or do not” point and I knew I could succeed — even felt confident that I would — but knowing you can, even being confident that you will, is way different than the feeling of actually achieving your goals.  I’ve still got 30-ish pounds to lose to get to my goal weight, but I’m definitely far enough along in the journey to share my top ten favorite things about having gotten this far.

In no particular order, they are:

1. Fitting into smaller clothes.  It is so much fun to go shopping now!  I love fitting into normal people sizes and looking decent in them.  Yeah, I’ve still got pudges.  Yeah, my thighs are still heavy, but going from morbidly obese to almost-not-obese really changes your opinion of your reflection in the mirror in a very positive way.

2. Feeling better physically.  I have so much more energy and stamina…and, surprisingly, balance and coordination.  I mean, I guess it’s not a surprise when you think about it, but it was one of those things that I wasn’t expecting.  When we went on Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk back in July, I was climbing up this embankment to get a photo and suddenly realized that I wasn’t worried about losing my balance and falling on my butt.  That was a really exciting revelation for me.

3. Feeling better mentally.  I’m happier, more confident, friendlier (usually) and more outgoing (more often than not) because I’m not spending so much time feeling ashamed of myself or wondering what people are thinking of me.

4. More self-confidence.  I guess this really goes with #3, but, even so, it bears repeating.  I’m not ashamed to meet new people anymore.  I don’t walk around public places wondering what people are thinking of me and my weight.  I just feel better about myself.

5. Feeling better about getting my hair cut.  I used to hate getting my hair cut because of the way I looked with one of those capes on.  I mean, there you are in front of a giant mirror, with your hair dripping wet, and that cape draped over your enormous body and snapped so tight around your neck that your already fat face is bulging out over the top of it.  It’s not a pretty sight.  The last time I got my hair cut, though, I could see a drastic difference in my reflection in that giant mirror — a difference that made me so proud of my accomplishments.

6. Pride in my accomplishment.  Yes, I’ll admit it:  I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.  I hope I’m proud not in an obnoxious kind of way, but in more of a “wow, I can’t believe I did this, you can, too” kind of way.  I’ll confess that I get a kick out of impressing other people.  There, I said it.  Maybe that’s a bad kind of pride, but I love for someone to get that shocked look when I tell them how much weight I’ve lost or when I see someone that I haven’t seen in several months.  Maybe it’s because I’ve tried and failed, on the weight-loss front, so many times that it’s nice to have someone celebrate my accomplishments with me.

7. Knowing that I’m making better food choices for myself and my family.  It’s a great feeling knowing that the choices I’m making are having a positive affect not only on me, but on my family, as well.  It feels good to know that they’re eating healthier and that, hopefully, I’m teaching my kids to make choices that will help them avoid weight problems as they get older.

8. Reclaiming my fair share of the closet.  In our walk-in closet, we’ve got two long bars and two short ones.  I was down to one short bar for my clothes because I had so little that would actually fit.  I’ve still got very little that actually fits, but for a much more fun reason.  However, as my weight has gone down, I have started reclaiming my rightful share of the closet space.  Right now, I’ve got the two short bars.  By the time I reach my goal weight, I might have even reclaimed one of the long ones.

9. Being able to pick my foot up to put my shoes on.  That sounds simple to someone who’s never been obese, but those of you who are fighting or have fought this weight-loss battle with me know where I’m coming from.  It’s exciting to be able to get my foot up to my knee with my own leg strength and not to be out of breath after tying my own shoes.  Guess what?  I can even cross my legs now!

10.  Having my family be proud of me.  I never knew what an incredible thing it would be to have my husband and kids be so proud of my achievements — especially my kids.  I guess I didn’t expect it to register as being so significant with them, but it does and that is so exciting.  I think that’s one of my favorite parts of having gotten so close to my goal — knowing how proud my family is of me.

What’s your favorite part of being where you are on your weight-loss journey?

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Did you like this article? If so, please help by sharing it!


  1. Kris, I'm a fellow homeschool mom and I've been lurking around your blogs since the middle of summer, finding first your homeschool blog then your weight loss blog. You're very inspiring! I've been flirting with loosing the rest of my "baby weight" (our youngest is five so I guess that makes it my weight, but I'm still going to blame her ;)) but I've lacked motivation. When I read your blog and how far you've come I really felt like I could do it too! It was encouraging to see another busy homeschooling mom so successful at getting the weight off! Keep up the good work!

  2. You go girl! You *should* be proud of yourself!! You've done something that our culture has darn near deemed impossible ~ and to be frank, I'm not sure I ever would have started my own weightloss journey if I hadn't been so inspired by your sucess and the success of others.
    I'm wondering ~ you spoke about being friendlier and in a better mood, I'm wondering if this isn't necessarily the result of feeling better about yourself, but rather the result of fueling your body with better nutrition? I've noticed that when I eat junk (even if it's planned junk and fits within my calorie budget), I'm not as patient and I'm not a kind. Unfortunately my children are the ones that take the brunt of it and I just decided yesterday that it's no longer worth it. No "food" is worth the way I felt about myself and way I spoke to my children yesterday.
    Congrats to you on your success so far!!

  3. Great list! I went to the mall with the girls today (which is an extreme rarity for us), and I found myself drooling over the clothes I could be shopping for this time next year.

    Having lost 16 pounds so far, I'm already feeling better about myself and excited that I *can* do this!! You are so motivating and I thank you so much for being real & transparent in this journey! I really feel like the Lord is using you to bless me, so thank you!

    ((big hugs)) my fellow Georgia gal! And, keep up the awesome work!

  4. Hi Kris, I havn't checked in here with you in a bit, but my son said something that cracked me up and I instantly thought you'd like it. I have been loosing weight on top, and my son hugged me hard today and said, wow mom your boobies are getting stronger. I think – he meant firmer – but I was trying to let it go and not crack up. 🙂 My shirts are shifting back and forth and my bra is loose. 🙂 I'm just glad someone can cifer that there is a difference in my front between girl parts and stomach. 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement here and all your posts on facebook on WUH!

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