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I did something exciting yesterday.  I cleaned out my closet!  No, it may not sound exciting…until you realize what I mean.  I did something that, previously, has been reserved for the kids closets (well, except in reverse).  I cleaned out things that don’t fit anymore…things that are too big!  Or, summer things that are already really loose and will be too big by summer.


I also got rid of all my holey clothes.  Tell me I’m not the only one with those…you know, the clothes that have holes, but it’s so hard to find comfortable things that fit that you keep the holey ones to wear around the house.  So, then, you have your “out in public” clothes — the few decent things you have that fit — and the “at home” clothes — the rags you wear when no one but your husband and kids will see you.

Well, I decided today that no longer will I wear rags like Cinderella before the prince.  If my clothes get holes in them, they’re gone.  Oh, okay, I do have one absolute favorite shirt that is so comfortable that has a couple of holes.  It’s staying.  Even my thin husband has a couple of those, but, for the most part, I’m going to let myself be worthy of clothes that fit and that are suitable for anyone to see me in.

I also wanted to respond to a  reader comment.  I did reply to her in the comments, but I loved the idea that came to me as I was responding to her, so I decided to share it here.  Paige suggested that it might be time to post an update photo of myself.  I told her that I’ve been talking to another reader, via blog comments, about people who don’t know that you’re losing weight noticing and commenting on your weight-loss.

Maybe it’s because I’ve told so many people that I’m losing weight that it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know, but, so far, I haven’t had one of those comments.  I think that when I get the first one, though, that will be evidence that there’s been enough change to warrant an update photo.

So, the first unsolicited comment I get from someone who doesn’t know I’m losing, I’ll post an update photo.  Doesn’t that sound like a fun way to celebrate?

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  1. My husband hates it when I wear the holey clothes around the house. And yes, I have some. He'd prefer me to "dress up" more (which simply means not wearing sweats all day long). It seems like such a reasonable request but you get used to those clothes. The only way to fix it is to GET RID OF the clothes!

    You are inspiring me. I have a closet I've been meaning to clean anyway and APART from the "losing weight" issue surrounding clothes, there is also honoring the family members (and the prince!) to consider.

  2. You're so funny! I can't wait til you get a nice genuine comment. 🙂
    I did the closet thing last week. Spent a few of the tax refund dollars to pick up some $7.00 Eddie Bauer shirts at the outlet mall, then threw out 4-5 old, 2 or 3x holey tents. I'm large for shirts, but buying a 3x is more than I need. The EB xl or xxl fits very nicely. 🙂

  3. It's so much fun to clean out your closet and realize that your clothes don't fit anymore because they are too big. Way to go, Kris, your doing a great job! I can't wait till you get that comment!

  4. Thanks for the 'shout out' Kris! And I hear ya about the holey clothes…I've been notorious for that in the past. I think mainly because buying size 24 anything isn't fun…so rather than go out and buy new jeans/pants/shirts/pajamas/underwear/etc. in a large size, I just keep wearing stuff, holes and all. I always joke with my husband that he is more than welcome to nominate me for 'What Not to Wear'! 🙂 But seriously, I am finally doing the right thing to my body, and as I drop sizes (which I already did drop my first size this past week…woo hoo!), I'm getting rid of the big clothes…nothing to go back to!

    We ARE doing this…and you are a great inspiration to me! Thank you!

    Holly @ Making Over Me

  5. @ Holly — That is EXACTLY why I have all the holey clothes; it's not fun buying fat-girl clothes. I have told my sister that she can feel free to nominate me for What Not to Wear, too, once I get down to my goal weight.

    We went to a new store in the area on Monday. I was thrilled to find that they had three of those huge, long clothes racks full of workout clothes, including bigger sizes. I bought a great workout shirt and another pair of workout pants.

    Then, I found a rack of super-comfy t-shirts, perfect for wearing around the house and replacing that last remaining holey shirt. I bought THREE. Yes, they were XL (one XXL, but it fit the same as the others, so I'm hoping it was just made small), but you know what? You can buy XL in the regular size section of the store.

    I bet my follow overweight friends can understand the joy of finding not one, but THREE shirts that actually fit well!

    I feel so much better than I did three months ago! I so wish I had started this journey sooner.

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