Washi Tape Crafts and Decor for Tweens

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Written by Tara Mitchell of This Sweet Life and Embark on the Journey.

I’ve mentioned before that my daughter is a crafty kid. She loves to spend time in her room creating decorations and gifts by hand. She loves to make new items for her room and decorate for holidays and celebrations.

She’s created no-sew bookmarks and Cookie Monster cupcakes. She’s decorated her room and our schoolroom with printable coloring pages. Right now, she’s obsessed with tape. It doesn’t matter if it’s washi tape or duct tape, she’s figured out ways to decorate with it.

Washi Tape Crafts and Decor for Tweens

Washi Tape Crafts and Decor for Tweens

She made duct tape roses as a centerpiece for her brother’s graduation party. His school colors are black and white. She used a beautiful black and white paisley duct tape to make her roses. She ‘built’ them on green straws for stems.

She then added her roses to a vase, and put them on the island in the kitchen for everyone to see. Aren’t they cute? (image below) These roses also make great pen toppers and look great in a can on mom’s desk.

Years ago, when her room was decorated in hot pink and zebra, someone painted some letters that spelled her name. The letters were hot pink and zebra striped. Now, at 12, she’s “too old” for hot pink and zebra, but she doesn’t want to take down her letters.

So, she is currently working on redecorating them with washi tape to match her room (which is still hot pink minus the zebra until we redo it at a later date). She chose a few favorite rolls and created a pattern she was happy with.

One afternoon, when she was bored, she decided to decorate her light switch. It doesn’t match her room, and it’s seen quite a bit of wear. However, it adds a little of her ‘flair’ to her room allowing her to make her space her own.

Washi Tape Crafts

All of these projects are super easy, though the roses take a little practice. All of them allow tweens and teens to express their creativity with supplies that are pretty inexpensive – especially if you use a coupon at your favorite craft store.

Want more ideas for decorating with tape? Try one or more of these:

Washi Tape Crafts and Decor for Tweens

Have you done any washi tape crafts?

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  1. I love the letters she decorated! I had never heard of crafting with tape until my niece showed me a fish she made out of nothing but duct tape and a rock. It was amazing and looked professionally done. Apparently, someone had shown her how to make all sorts of animals, so now my 11 yr old daughter will be going to her house sometime to learn how to make these things. So neat!

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