Weekly Weigh-In: Attitudes

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Weekly Weigh-In

It’s Weekly Weigh-In time!  Have the scales been friendly to you this week or do you need a pep talk?  Either way, share!  I want to celebrate with or encourage you, whichever the case may be.

I am very happy this week.  I didn’t reach the three-point-whatever it was I was shooting for, but I still exceeded my weekly goal of 2 lbs. per week.  I lost 2.6 lbs. again this week!  The same as last week.  I was very happy.  Now, I’m only 0.6 away from an official 30 lbs. lost and 0.8 lbs. away from the 180’s!  Yes, I’m very, very excited.

Now I’d like to weigh in on attitudes, mine in particular.  I wish I could explain to you how I’m feeling about myself and my weight-loss this go ’round.  I’m not sure that the written word will do justice to what’s been going on in my mind.  There are a couple of things that are predominant.

First, I’m not doubting myself.  I know I’m going to do it this time.  I know I’ll reach my goal weight.  There is no doubt in my mind.  It may not happen as quickly as I’d like it to (though, so far, so good), but it will happen.  Last week, we had hibachi chicken take-out.  Oh, my, it was good!  It’s also one of those things I’ve been avoiding since I began losing weight.  Did I feel guilty about eating it?  Nope.

First of all, I shared it with Megan since neither of us would eat the whole thing.  Then, I put half of what was left in the box on a plate and put the remainder in the box into the fridge, so I wasn’t tempted to eat more than half.  Later in the week, I ate the remainder for lunch one day…but there wasn’t much left by that point.  Megan had already had part of what had been left as leftovers for lunch herself.

I told a friend that I’ve made good food choices for twelve weeks.  I lost weight the week of Thanksgiving, for crying out loud.  So, there’s no way I’m going to let myself feel guilty about one order of hibachi chicken.  This is a lifestyle change.  The way I’m eating and working out now are ways that I can see myself eating and working out the rest of my life.  And, there will be days, during the rest of my life, when I’ll want to enjoy hibachi chicken…maybe even the occasional Big Mac (not in the foreseeable future on that one, though!).

There’s a Leslie Sansone walking video that I do in which Leslie is talking about using weights during the workout.  She’s saying that it’s okay to put the weights down for this particular exercise and just keep walking if you need to.  She says, “You’re doing 90% of it.  Why worry about the 10% you can’t do?”

Isn’t that great advice?  Why do we get so caught up on that 10%?  I’m choosing to focus on the 90% that I am doing.

Second, I don’t feel fat anymore.  Yeah, I know I still am.  I mean, I’m still 65 lbs. overweight, but I don’t feel fat anymore.  I don’t have that “fat girl” defeatist attitude anymore.  Sometimes it’s a surprise when I look in the mirror and see that I’m still overweight because I feel so much better about myself.  My confidence is up.  My self-esteem is up.  My energy level is up.  I just feel better.  It’s a good, good feeling.

See?  I told you the written word wouldn’t do it justice.  😉

So, what about you?  How’d you do on the scale this week?  What would you like to weigh in about?  I’m missing those of you who have been around from the beginning of my journey.  You’ve been awfully quite lately.  You can’t imagine how much you encourage me.  I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I like you " I don't feel fat" comment. It is where I am. Since I am moving/walking/going more, I don't feel heavy, weighted down. My clothes are looser, my face is thinner, I Feel Successful!

    On the scale I've lost about 7 lbs since January. My husband thinks our scale is broken, and I am going to look at getting a new one today. I've avoided it because the dr's office is usually 6-7 lbs heavier than this one . . . and who wants that? But, I think I'm ready, and visually, this is an old rusted out white thing with the decal lifted in the corner curling. Nice.
    I too would love to hear how others have been, even if their "scale is broken" too. 🙂

  2. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

    I seem to be in a cycle of doing great for a few days and then bad the next few days. UGH!

  3. Way to go Kris! You are doing super and not just with the scale, but with your whole attitude towards the process. I'm not good in math but 65 pounds? Won't that put you in, like the 125 range? I'm just curious as to what ultimate goal you are going for…is it a number you used to have, one the dr came up with, etc.

  4. Kris- I think you did incredible justice by putting your thoughts into words. Really, for those that struggle with their weight (like me), you wrote what many could relate to. I liked it!

    I am really super proud of you! SO WELL DONE! (Both the weight loss and the post). LOL!

  5. @ Julie — Ah, you pay close attention. 😉 Yes, that would put me at 125, which is toward the high end of the weight range for my height (5' 0") and body build (small). When I did Weight Watchers, that was my goal weight according to all their charts.

    Now, if I'm being honest, I figured if I'm going to go for it, I might as well go for broke. However, I'll be totally happy to be around 130-132, which may or may not be a more comfortable weight for me. I'll have to see when I get there.

  6. Congrats! Your doing such a great job. It's important to learn to live in real life, not in diet world. BTW, I really think that you should post a new pic, I bet it's quite a bit different :).

    It's also good to hear that you don't feel fat anymore. I on the other hand, do, but that's pregnancy for you!

  7. @ Paige — Pregnancy fat doesn't count…that's exciting fat. 😉 I've thought about a new picture, but I want to wait until it's a really big difference. I was talking to Minnesota Mami (via her blog comments) about people who don't know you're losing weight noticing and commenting on the weight loss. I am dying for someone to notice and comment. I think I'll post a new picture when that happens. It will be a fun goal.

  8. The scale has been kind! And like you, I have indulged in a few unhealthy foods. But like you said, this is for life. We are doing so good we can't beat ourselves up for not being perfect.
    I agree with the whole "I feel thinner than I look" thing! Isn't that funny! I feel thinner after I do pilates, I'm all pulled in and standing up straight. I feel strong, and vibrant! I am loving the way excercise is making me feel, healthy and strong.
    I'm glad we are feeling it in our heads first though, some people get really skinny, but still beat themselves up inside.

    Thankyou for all of your wonderful posts. I had a rough time last week, bad food choices, no weight loss, and came here for a pick me up.


  9. Kris- I think you did incredible justice by putting your thoughts into words. Really, for those that struggle with their weight (like me), you wrote what many could relate to. I liked it!

    I am really super proud of you! SO WELL DONE! (Both the weight loss and the post). LOL!

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