Weekly Weigh-In: Better

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Weekly Weigh-In

Ready for your Weekly Weigh-In?  You can post your weigh-in results any time between now and next Wednesday in the comments or “weigh-in” on your weight-loss and fitness-related thoughts on your blog, and leave the link so that we can stop by and chime in.

I had a much better weigh-in this week.  I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t feel like I did much different than I did last week, so I was actually expecting to stay the same, which would not have impressed me after last week’s gain.

I’m happy to report that I lost 2 pounds!  That’s one of the best losses I’ve had in awhile, so I’ll take it.  It makes me think that maybe there was a water weight/hormonal thing going on last week.  Ah, the joys of being female.

Regardless of what the scale says, though, good or bad, I’m just going to keep making the right choices.  If I do, eventually my body has to cooperate.  My weight may not be going down as quickly as it was at first, but as long as I’m eating right, staying active, and improving my health, I’m a happy camper.

So, what about you?  How did you do on the scale this week?

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  1. Woohooooo!! That's great! Maybe your body was just catching up? 🙂

    I'm down 4 lbs since last week. That's a bit much, I think, and I'm not sure why. My exercise was consistent but nothing stellar. My food intake was normal, aside from the small splurge on my birthday. (We went out to eat, and yes, I did eat the tortilla chips thank-you-very-much!) Maybe I was readjusting after travel? I dunno.

  2. I dropped another two pounds this week as well. Think it had more to do with being sick and eating very little rather than actual effort but I'll take it.

    Well done Kris and Noodle – it's so lovely when the scale's going in the right direction for whatever reason.

    Didn't get a chance to comment last week but I maintained only so altogether I'm down 1 st 3 lbs or 17 lbs in 16 weeks so I'm a happy camper, I've also now dropped three points on my BMI to 32, had to buy smaller jeans cause they were literally falling off AND I've gone from 14 stone 2 down to 12 stone 13. Going down to 12 something literally made me burst into tears because it's been two years since my weight began with a 12.

    Thank you SO much for your inspiration Kris I've still got 3st 7lbs, 49lbs to go but I know I can do it now – thank you again for this accountability.


  3. Congratulations on the 2 lbs! I was looking at your ticker that says you've lost over 70 lbs. Wow! That's quite an accomplishment. Good job!

    And thanks for joining Weight Loss Wednesday!

  4. Great job, Noodle and G!! I know that feels great!

    G, I always enjoy getting into a new "tens' column."

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