Weekly Weigh-In: Doing the Happy Dance!

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Weekly Weigh-In

It’s Weekly Weigh-In time!  Some of you have been awfully quiet lately.  I’m ready and willing to be your accountability, so get on those scales and let me know how you’ve done!

Me?  I’m doing the happy dance and, if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, I bet you can guess why.  I hit 40 lbs. removed this week!!!  I also hit the 170’s!  I’m not far into the 170’s, but I’m there.  I dug out my old Weight Watcher’s stuff a it’s been longer than I thought it was since I attended.  It’s been six years!  I’m smaller now than I’ve been in six years!!  Do you have any idea (I bet you do!) how exciting that is??

Do you have any idea (I bet you do!) how exciting it is to have passed that milestone that I couldn’t get past before?

Now, I’ll weigh in on another thought this week — pounds lost.  A friend shared this fantastic idea with me this week and I want to share it with you.  This is a quote from the book, Body for Life for Women:

Many years ago, I was sitting at my desk when my next patient, Marlyn, was ushered in and I recalled our first meeting two years prior. She was dressed in an elasticized sweat suit, carrying over 60 extra pounds. Over the course of two years, with exercise, great eating and a dose of stress management, she’d managed to shed it all.
It was always a delight to see her. Smiling, she sat down in my office’s now infamous Queen Anne chair, and proudly announced that she’d hit her first full year of maintaining the fat she’d shed. I looked at her and asked her how it felt to have lost the weight and kept it off.
“Lost!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t lose a thing.” She saw the look of confusion on my face, and grinned as she said, “Dr. Peeke, if you lose your keys, don’t you want to find them again? You see, I didn’t lose this fat. I don’t ever want to find it again. Instead, I removed it. You know, like removing the trash. I don’t want it back.”
That was a life-changing moment for me and I will be eternally grateful to Marlyn for helping clarify a critical psychological perspective about this weight management issue.

I’m with Marlyn — I don’t want to find this weight again!  I’ve removed 2 lbs. this week, for a total of 40 lbs. removed since Thanksgiving week.  How much weight have you removed?

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  1. Since the end of October, I have now lost 40 pounds as well. I finally got under 200 which was an incredibly difficult thing to accomplish. I've not been losing lately (because I've not been eating right!), but am so thankful to have maintained being UNDER 200! I'm down to 198 with 40-50 more to go. Congrats! It's always exciting to get past a weight barrier.

  2. Yeah!!!!!!!!

    I'd do the happy dance for you, but with less than 3 weeks to go until delivery this body is not doing much dancing :).

    I'm so happy for you and I love the idea of removing the weight instead of losing it!

  3. WOO HOO!!! 40 pounds removed is an AWESOME accomplishment!

    I'll share my weigh in later on in the week. It's looking to be a good one since I started using the BodyBugg on Sunday.

  4. Way to go on your weight-loss, Crazy Mom!

    And, Paige, maybe you could just do the happy foot wag or something. 😉 Only 3 more weeks…how exciting!!

    Susan, I'm so glad you're liking your bodybugg! I would have hated if you'd gotten it because I talked about it and then didn't like it.

  5. WooHoo Kris thats awesome!! What an amazing accomplishment! I will be weighing in tomorrow and will post again =0)


  6. Excellent! So happy for you! I'm at 11 lbs since February. I've heard this concept of considering it removed instead of lost before. I like it. I don't ever want to see those 11 lbs again either!

  7. Congrats on the weight loss and being in the 170's! My first weigh in tomorrow after a year and a half of being off WW's. Expecting a pretty good number.

  8. Congratulations! I just stumbled upon your blog today. I'm working on losing baby weight. Our youngest is 9 weeks now so it's time I get to it. I'm still trying to remove the extra weight I gained during my first pregnancy, almost 3 years ago now. Being pregnant 3 times in a little over 3 years makes it hard to get back in shape. (Yes, we have three children under the age of three.)

  9. @Tim Allyson and kids-we had three under the age of 3 also! Now that they are 9, 8 and 7 and much more independent…it gets a LOT easier! not the weight loss…but I remember the chaos of those early years…

  10. I went to the doctor for my 6 week post delivery check up. I ask for my previous numbers. So here's where I'm at:
    Before baby #1 Nov 2004: 137
    Right before delivering baby #1 Sept 2005: 172
    Before baby #2 May 2009: 183
    6 weeks after baby #2 April 2010: 168.

    I lost so much weigh while pregnant because I was sick the whole 9 months. It wasn't fun, but I'm loving the outcome.

    Now I have an ultimate goal of 140 with benchmarks on the way.

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