Weekly Weigh-In: Health Improvements

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Weekly Weigh-In

Happy Wednesday! Are you ready to weigh-in? Don’t forget that you can add your scale results any time during the week – just whenever you have your official weigh-in – and that you’re welcome to “weigh-in” on any weight-loss or fitness-related topic. If  you post about it on your blog, be sure to leave the link so I can stop by and read.

I was really worried about getting on the scale this week. As you may recall, I’ve been up a bit on the scale recently, though I did have a bit of a loss last week.

This past week has been tough, though. Megan’s birthday and some other outside commitments, resulted in two missed workouts and lots of pizza due to poor planning/lack of time on my part.

And, unfortunately, the scale reflected my struggles. I was up 1.6 pounds. *sigh*

While I am a bit discouraged, I am not defeated. I went through the same thing several months ago when I stayed in the 150’s forever. While some of this period of one step forward, two steps back is, I’m sure, directly related to my lax attitude toward food tracking (I’ve had good intentions, but keep forgetting) and exercise (those two missed workouts), I’m sure that some of it is also my body kind of readjusting to a new set-point.

It took me a full 8 months to get from 159 to 149. While it was frustrating, I was still losing. The difference this time is that I’m not willing to stay in the 130’s for 8 months – not if I can help it, anyway. I want to be at my goal weight by (preferably before) the two year anniversary of beginning this journey – November 2009.

The biggest thing I plan to do to get there is to get consistent with logging my food again. I’ve made myself a big note next to my laptop so that I don’t forget. Already, logging my food has helped me make a more informed decision about my food choices and allowed me to go over my daily calories yesterday by only 64 instead of the nearly 300 I was considering.

I also plan to focus on the positive changes that I have made in my health. I had my annual health risk assessment on Monday. Check this out:

Blood pressure: Normal

BMI: High (BUT normal is 18.5-25 and mine is 26.5…the closest to normal I’ve been in nearly two decades)

Body Fat Composition: Normal (Did you read that?!? Normal!!)

Cholesterol: Normal

Total Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol Ratio: 1/2 Average Risk (as opposed to just plain ol’ average or more than average)

HDL Cholesterol: Slightly low (44 mg/dL and should be over 50 mg/dL)

Triglycerides: Normal

LDL Cholesterol: Optimal

Glucose: Normal

I am so excited! That’s the healthiest I’ve been in years. Can’t wait till next year when my BMI is normal and my HDL cholesterol is where it should be!

Do or do not. There is no try.

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