Weekly Weigh-In: I’ll Take It

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Weekly Weigh-In

Sorry this week’s Weigh-In is being posted so late. I was so exhausted last night after spending all day deep-cleaning my kitchen that I fell into bed as soon as The Biggest Loser was over and just crashed. I was sound asleep in no time.

I really thought I’d spend two or three hours deep-cleaning my kitchen and dining room. I wound up spending all day on just the kitchen. Ewww! It’s sparkly clean now though, including some areas that I’d been too fat to get to for awhile. Sometimes you don’t realize the little affects of being overweight.

Also, one side benefit to cleaning house is burning calories. I burned nearly 3,100 calories yesterday from just a 3-mile easy run (which is totally a misnomer because it was hot, miserable and hard) and cleaning the kitchen.

So, anyway, I stepped on the scale, not quite sure what to expect. I’ll be honest, although I had worked out regularly, I’d been pretty loose and free with the eating. Not binging, necessarily, but, for one thing, we ate with Brian’s parents at an all-you-can-eat country cooking kind of place on Saturday. I didn’t go totally crazy, but there really weren’t any especially healthy choices, so I enjoyed some old favorites that I haven’t had in forever, like fried chicken livers and fried green tomatoes. Yeah, pretty much all the options were fried.

I stayed exactly the same. Not moving in the right direction, but not moving in the wrong one either. And, since I’ve decided to go ahead and jump into my 12-Week Sprint to the Finish (sorry to jump ahead, but I decided why not go ahead and get going), I didn’t feel too bad about it because I know that scale is going to move in the right direction next week.

It has to. I’m rather sore from working muscles that haven’t been worked in awhile and I’ve been making a conscious effort to stay active, cleaning my house like crazy. I know next week is going to be a better scale week.

So, what about you? How did your weigh-in go this week?

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  1. Hey, that's better than gaining! And yes, you'll be on the negative side next week!

    I gained a pound. 😛 But it wasn't three pounds! And I'm planning to be in the negative next week too. Yesterday I reevaluated and set out a plan of action. Fail to plan = plan to fail, right? 

  2. It's definitely better than gaining, so I'll take it. Yay on getting a plan of action together! I predict that you and I will both be much happier with our weigh-ins next week.

  3. I had a good weigh in at my WW meeting.  I am 1.4 pounds from my first goal!!!  It feels good!  What is next?….. just keep going.  That is the hard part sometimes.  I think I have mentioned to you about my injury-(I have not been avtive for 16 weeks) BUT….. today is the day I am cleared from my doctor and I get to ride my road bike 1 mile and see how that goes!  I am so excited!!!!!!!  If there are no problems or pains I can slowly begin to add in more time!f

    Congrats on keeping a conscious mind about activity and food!  No gain is no gain!!!  I look forward to next week!!!  As Nemo's friend would say…..Just Keep Swimming…..

  4. Yay, Jill! That's awesome to be so close to your first goal. I love bike riding. It is great exercise and not hard on your body. Have fun!

  5. I tried to email you but the email button isn't working. So anyway, I just found this site and I'm super excited to follow you! Here's my short backround. Before kids, I was about 140. Then 8 kids later…I had gained 100 pounds. After my 7th blessing, I somehow, all of a sudden, had the motivation to count calories and exercise. I dropped 80lbs in a short amount of time and got within 15 pounds of my goal weight. Then I got pregnant again and gained almost all the weight back. This is where I sit now. Tired, frustration, and not wanting to start over.  I set goals only to not follow through with them. GRRR, why can't I do it this time?!  So, that's my story. Looking forward to following you on your journey!

  6. How frustrating, Elizabeth, to have to think of starting over. I have asked my husband to commit to not letting me gain my weight back. I don't think I will (and no more pregnancies in my future), but I don't want to take any chances and have told him not to sit idly by and not say things that need to be said out of a false sense of kindness if he sees me making poor choices.

    The good thing is, you've lost the weight once, so you know it can be done. I'll do what I can to support you as you lose it this time…and keep it off!

    I'm not sure why you had trouble with the email button. I checked it and it worked for me. Maybe Blogger was having a moment.

    I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

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