Weekly Weigh-In: Insanity

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Weekly Weigh-In

It’s time for the Weekly Weigh-In…like it or not.  Can I refuse to discuss it this week?  No?  Are you sure?  Fine.

I gained back 1.2 lbs. of the 1.8 that I lost last week.  I am so aggravated with myself.  I know exactly why I gained.  Poor choices, pure and simple.  I did great the first part of the week, then, Thursday rolled around.  I was supposed to go stay with a friend’s kids while she went out for a few hours.  I thought I’d get plenty of movement in while babysitting, so I didn’t get up early enough to workout, since it would have meant getting up quite a bit earlier than normal.

After I got up and showered, I checked my email.  My friend had sent me an email saying that her kids were sick, so we’d have to reschedule.  Now, I had plenty of time to go workout…but that would have meant another shower.  Can you say “ridiculously pitiful excuse”?

Then, Friday, I thought I’d workout in the evening, rather than in the morning.  I know better than that.  The whole reason I work out first thing in the morning is to ensure that it happens.  We wound up having a very busy evening and I didn’t get my workout in.  Then, Saturday and Sunday, I didn’t make the best food choices and I chose not to do a make-up workout on Sunday, even though I had plenty of time.

See?  Poor choices.

One thing that I read in Believe It, Be It, by Ali Vincent, that I kept thinking about over and over this week was that you can’t do things that you know you shouldn’t do — like eating poorly or not working out — and think that they aren’t going to show up on the scale.

Weight loss is simple science and simple math:  calories burned +/- calories consumed = results.  It’s not some magic that’s going to provide the results you want on the scale just because you want them really bad.  Either you put forth the effort to get the results you want or you don’t…and the scale is going to reflect those choices.

I also kept thinking of the saying that the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same things and expecting different results.  Only, in this case, I got exactly the results I was expecting.  So, what happens this week?  I make better choices.  I know that there is going to be a lot of tempting food this week and that I’m going to want to eat some of it (in moderation), so I’m upping my daily calories burned goal from 2300 to 2500.

I’m also going to make it my goal to get my regular workouts in every day this week.  Since I usually take off Saturday and Sunday from working out, there is no reason why I can’t get my daily workouts in, despite the fact that it’s Christmas week.

What about you?  How did you do this week?  Do you have any plans in place for combating food and inactivity temptations this week?

Oh, and I think I’m going to sign up for Jillian’s (The Biggest Loser)Jump Start Diet.  It’s free to sign up and you get access to seventy-three recipes, workout plans, daily food and fitness logs, weight-loss tips and more.  You can even win prizes!  Anyone want to join me?  I was thinking that I’d probably go ahead and start the Monday after Christmas.  If anyone wants to join me, we can start sharing progress reports the following week.

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  1. ((HUGS)) I find the weekend is my biggest trouble spot for motivation to exercise. And yes, lots of those little excuses come to mind for me every day and sometimes they win. Sigh.

    My report: I lost 2 lbs this week, so I'm at 196.6, and I'm going to try focusing on small portions this week, with lots of veggies to fill me up when snacking.

  2. Way to go, Tristan! That's great…and you've got a great plan for this week.

    Thanks for the commiseration. Sometimes being understood helps more than a pep talk. I needed that today. Here's to a better week this week!

  3. Kris, I am totally caught up in the holiday food! I am slowly gaining again which is frustrating, but expected. Did you notice that I didn't even email you this week? I am at my MIL's house which is never good for weight loss at any time of year, especially Christmas. I just look forward to getting home and getting back on track. Better days ahead!

  4. I am staying put. Maintaining is different than I thought it would be. I had so much fun watching the scale go down last year, and this year I watched it move up about 10 pounds, to where my body likes to be, I guess. It isn't as fun as the excitement of always losing…I have gone a whole year with that small change in the scale though. Not bad. Good luck this week!

  5. I did notice, Amy. I've been meaning to email you, but yesterday and today were crazy busy. Hang in there. Just remember: moderation. You can do it!

    Way to go, Samantha, on maintaining. I can't wait to be there — on purpose. I've maintained since July, but I'm not ready to be on maintenance yet.

  6. I have gained and not happy about it. Definitely poor choices. I have enjoyed following you on your journey. I am looking into the Jillian Michaels' jump start diet. I may be interested. The only problem is, I will be in FL visiting family on that Monday. I definitely am looking to getting back on track. I need to get back to exercising and controlling my portions better. I have a long way to go. But I am going to set smaller goals for myself. My first one is to be below 200 by my birthday in April. Only 25 lbs to go! Looking forward to a wonderful new year. Merry Christmas!

  7. Hey, Joy, go ahead and join in with the Jillian thing whenever you can. We don't all have to be on the same week to support each other — and I may even wait until the following week and make it a January thing.

    I picked up the January issue of Self magazine yesterday and the weight-loss program looks really great. The meals are 1600 calories a day — very doable — and the choices actually look like stuff I would eat with maybe a few modifications. It'd be a great jump start for your goal.

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