Weekly Weigh-In: The One I Forgot

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Weekly Weigh-In

Happy Wednesday! Are you ready for your weekly weigh-in?  Remember, you can come back and add your weigh-in results in the comments whenever you have your regular weekly weigh-in.  Let’s hold each other accountable!

Okay, so I guess I’m not quite used to weighing in on Tuesdays. I completely forgot to weigh in!  I remembered around 11:00, which is after breakfast and two hours after my normal weigh-in time.

I lost 0.4 pounds.  Nothing too exciting, but certainly better than not losing or, worse, gaining.  I’ll take it.  I am going to weigh again in the morning, before breakfast, at my regular time.  If I remember!  If it’s a big difference, I’ll post an update.

I was really surprised that was all I lost with all the running I’ve been doing.  I haven’t been tracking my food as diligently as I was.  By that I mean I haven’t been writing everything down.  I have been trying to keep a mental count.

That’s a little bit time – or, rather, not taking time to do it – and a little bit trying to prepare myself for the rest of my life.  I’m committed to the fact that I’ll always have to remain active – which doesn’t sound like such a bad thing anymore – and to the fact that I’ll always have to count calories.

I’m just kind of hoping that always counting calories doesn’t mean I’ll always have to log everything I eat.  I hope I can get to the point where I can mentally hold myself accountable for what I eat.  We’ll see how the next few weigh-ins go with this experiment.

What about you?  How did your weekly weigh-in go?

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  1. That's my theory — any loss is better than a gain! It really stunk when I was stuck at pretty much the same thing for about 3 weeks though. :-/

    This week though — waaaahhhooooo!! — I lost 3.2 lbs! I was truly astonished, especially since we were traveling this weekend. I've finally hit my 30 lb goal, 30.8 to be exact. Now I'm off and running to 40. 🙂

  2. Woo hoo, Noodle!! It's those big loss weeks that can keep you going sometimes. They restore your confidence that you CAN do this and you CAN lose more than 1/2 a pound a week. At least, they do for me. Congrats on hitting that new milestone!

  3. Well done Noodle and you too Kris – I'm sure you were raging that you forgot – I always have to set out the scale the night before or I'd never remember.

    I'm down another pound (that's ten total in twelve weeks) and although less than one a week is not huge – I am ecstatic because I finally feel like I CAN lose this weight!

    I'm currently 13st 6lbs or 188lbs, another two pounds off and I'll hit my first mini-goal!


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