Weekly Weigh-In: Opportunites

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Weekly Weigh-In

It’s Weekly Weigh-In time — the first Weekly Weigh-in that I’ve been serious about in several weeks.  Unfortunately, my results weren’t exactly what I was going for.  I’m going to post them anyway, though, because ignoring them or excusing them away only hurts me.  I gained.  I gained about a pound.

I’m not totally sure exactly what I gained because didn’t write it down last week.  I weighed last Monday, but I haven’t written down what I’ve weighed in several weeks.  I was 157-point-something last week.  This week I was 158.6.

I know that the gain was most likely the result of my food choices.  We had Thanksgiving dinner at my dad and step-mom’s house on Thursday and both a family reunion and a dinner at church on Sunday.  There were lots of desserts.  I did not make the best choices despite Sunday’s sermon.  (I’ve gotta say, though, that chocolate cake just might have been worth the calories.)

I did better yesterday, though.  The results on the scale, along with what I’ve been seeing on the bodybugg site, were a wake-up call.  What did I see on the bodybugg site?  Well, the goodies that I’ve added to my basic lunch salad the last few weeks have upped the calories — the the tune of about 300 additional calories than what I’d been allotting for the salad.  Ouch!


My calorie burn has been decent.  The days I walk on the treadmill and stay generally active I’m getting really close to my calorie burn goal — as in, within about 30 calories.  So, I just need to add a little more purposeful activity into my day.

Although I’m disappointed with my results on the scale this week — though not completely surprised — I feel good about my results from this past week.  I’ve gotten a good picture of where I am currently and I know what I need to do to get moving in the right direction again.  I have some inspirational messages posted in prominent places and I’m ready to face the challenge for this week.

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What about you?  How did you do?  Are you ready to start moving in the right direction again?  You can either post your results in the comments or on your blog.  If you blog your results, link up.  Let’s hold each other accountable!

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