Weekly Weigh-In: Overweight!

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Weekly Weigh-In

It’s Weekly Weigh-In time!  Are you ready?  Have you got your accountability on?  Okay, then, here we go!

I’m ready this week.  {cue Rocky music}  I made it!  I lost one pound this week!  For the first time since before my oldest child, age 15, was born, I am only overweight, not obese!  Never was there a person happier to be overweight than I am today.  {tossing confetti}

I was proud of myself this week. I stayed on track with my workouts the best I have in weeks. I even got an extra workout in Sunday night because the food choices we had at our small group meeting weren’t a variety conducive to weight loss.

I’m still having a bit of trouble maintaining my calorie deficit each day.  I know that’s because I’m trying to eat breakfast every day now, which I wasn’t before.  So, I need to focus on either lower my calories consumed or burning more calories.  Although I’m extremely pleased with my one pound this week, my ultimate goal is 1.5 calories a week.  Of course, if I’m completely honest, I would be perfectly content to consistently lose one pound per week.  That would put me at my goal weight by mid-summer.  That wouldn’t be a bad deal at all.

I’m hoping to reach another cool milestone within the next two weeks – once I reach 150, the weight on my driver’s license will be accurate for the first time in nearly two decades!

What about you?  How did you do this week?

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  1. I stayed the same weight. In some ways I am happy I didn't gain, disappointed in others since I didn't lose. Need to focus on jounaling my calories and upping the exercise.

    Congrats on not being obese anymore!! I can't wait until I can say the same about me! 🙂

  2. I am SO proud of you! and extremely happy for you!

    I lost 4 lbs. this week…for a total of 17 lbs. so far this month!!


  3. LOL, T. I'm not offended at all! 😉

    Hey, Joy, I can so relate, but when it comes right down to it, staying the same is still better than gaining. Here's to a more productive week next week!

  4. Congratulations on reaching that milestone!! I'm sure it was a confetti-tossing moment!

    I shed an even 2 pounds. Much more than I expected! And I met my walking goal too. My goal was 15 miles, and I did 18. 🙂

  5. Many congratulations Kris! It's great too that you've got your next goal in mind!

    My first little celebration will be at 186 but I'm holding steady from last week at 193. I'll be getting a lot more exercise this week (through my job) so if I hold the calories steady I'm hoping next week will be good!

    I like to stick to the classics for breakfast weetabix (not sure if you get that in US)/porridge/eggs or a calorie-counted snack box (mostly nuts or dried fruit) if I'm rushed.

    Congrats again Kris – enjoy the celebration!

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