Weekly Weigh-In: A Pound in the Right Direction

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Weekly Weigh-In

Ready for a little dose of accountability?  Ready or not, the Weekly Weigh-In is here! Okay, so I got on the scale with mixed feelings this week.  I’d done really well last week at hitting my calorie burn each day – well, except Saturday and Sunday, but that’s not unusual – and I thought I’d done well with my eating, but I wasn’t entirely sure because I’d done a terrible job at tracking my food on the bodybugg site.

So, I thought I’d done well, but I wasn’t entirely sure.  I may or may not have been mumbling, “please be down, please be down” under my breath as I stepped on the scale.

I was very pleased, relieved, and encouraged to find that I’d lost a pound!  Although the bodybugg site slapped me back to reality when I logged in and it reminded me that my long-term and short-term goals are not currently on-track, I was thrilled with my one-pound loss because it’s the first time in the eight weeks since I started tracking my weight again that I’ve lost weight two weeks in a row.  I’m sincerely hoping that means that I’m making my way off this plateau on which I’ve allowed myself to be stuck for months.

The other exciting news is that if I lose 1.6 pounds or more this week I will officially not be obese anymore!  It’s been years since I’ve been able to say that and I’m ready!  How’s that for a little motivation to stick with the workout and eating plans this week?

So, what about you?  How did you do coming off of Christmas break?  Remember, you’ve got a fresh clean slate this week.  Check out the Do or Do Not Challenge if you need some motivation.

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  1. I lost the 1.8 lbs I had gained the week before – hooray! I'm at 196.6 and hope to be like you with two weeks of loss in a row next week.

    Great job!

  2. Good job, Kris. Hopefully, next week with better tracking your results will be even better.

    I stayed the same and given the parties of last week and the circumstances of this week, I think that is a good thing for me.

    I am reading the Do or Do Not challenge for a boost. I am also following the Jilian Michaels' Jump Start this week.

  3. I gained 5.6 pounds while out of town, but lost 1.2 pounds since being home!!! I am currently at 223.4. Ugh. I haven't admitted that to anyone but my husband. I look forward to never being this heavy again. Only down from here!

  4. Well done Kris!

    I last weighed myself on Christmas Eve and from then til yesterday I gained five pounds – was gutted but determined to do better.

    I upped my kifit (bodybugg) targets and am moving more to try and meet them – met calorie burn yesterday and today!

    Next week that scale is showing a smaller number – I am certain!

    198 yesterday but not for long . . .


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