Weekly Weigh-In: Slow and Steady

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Weekly Weigh-In

It’s Weekly Weigh-In time!  Who’s still hanging in there with me?  You know that expression, “Slow and steady wins the race“?  Well, I’m clinging to that.  I lost 0.8 lb. this last week and, I’ll be honest with you, I was quite proud of that almost-pound, particularly because it’s in spite of…um…hormonal challenges.  I’m to the point where slow and steady is just fine with me, as long as it’s slow and steady loss I’ve already succeeded beyond my wildest dreams, so if it takes me a little longer to get the last 30 pounds off than I’d hoped, I can live with that…as long as I continue on the path to getting it off.

One thing that really excited me this week was that I ordered some replacement t-shirts (two favorite homeschool shirts and a Twilight one) for those that don’t fit anymore because they’re way too bigI ordered mediums I bought a pair of cute lounge pants last night — one of those things I daydreamed about when I began my weight-loss journey — in a size medium!  I tried on a cute jacket last night — another one of those early goals — in a medium!

That excites me.  So, yeah, I’ll take that almost-pound with a big, happy smile on my face.

Have you been watching Biggest Loser this season?  Oh, wow!  So inspiring!  If you’re not watching it, you should be.  It’s really been a great motivator for me at a time when my drive was waning.  If you’re watching it, who do you like?  I like Burgundy because I can relate to her.  She’s a stay-at-home mom who has put taking care of everyone else ahead of taking care of herself.  She’s only 9 pounds heavier than I was when I started.  I look at her and can’t believe that I’d let myself get that heavy (though, right now, since they’ve already finished filming, she’d probably look at me and not be able to believe that she was this big a few week ago).

I also really like Brenden.  I don’t know, he just touches me.  I think he’s going to be an incredible inspiration to the kids of Boston.  So, what about you?  Who do you like?  And, how did you do on the scales this week?  What non-scale victories have you enjoyed lately?

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  1. I'm still reading along Kris! As I've reached almost 33 weeks pregnant I really don't need to get on the scale to know I'm gaining weight…LOL… but I am watching Biggest Loser. I actually watch it on Hulu the day after it airs, so I'll watch last night's episode today. Not sure who my favorite is yet.

    On the health front I have been exercising and have nearly finished a post about it, so that should pop up some time today.

    Keep up the hard work!

  2. Way to go Kris! I'm down .5 this week and feel the same way as you. Down is good even if it's slower than at first.

    I totally forgot about Biggest Loser being on last night. Guess I'll be watching online tonight. :o)

  3. Susan, you didn't miss BL yet. It comes on tonight. And, yay on the 1/2 pound! Like you said, it's a loss.

  4. Loving Aaron on this season! He seems so sincere and caring. And he definitely can use the help offered by Biggest Loser. Cheering him on from KS!

    Go Aaron!

  5. I get killer craving during the week before my hormonal challenges. I have always known it but before I started losing weight I just didn’t care. What I do know is I watch what I eat closely throughout the day to allow for the cravings that hit at about 10:00 or so each might and then I portion control several snacks. For me I want several things not just one so I will have something like 2 cups salted air-popped popcorn (no butter), ½ cup chocolate frozen yogurt, and a ½ cup of fruit which adds up to about 200 calories or so.

  6. Thank you! You've inspired me to the point that I have started my own weight loss blog.

    Not sure who my favorite is yet on BL. I do like Burgandy, and there's one or two of the guys, but I can't remember names right now!

  7. I woke up this morning with you on my mind! I was feeling a bit unprioritized and un motivated because my whole family has been on baking sugar kick. Which has made us crave more. I need to step up and turn it off. 🙂 Friday is PayDay and I think I'll shop a bit differently to switch out the bakery going on here. 🙂 However, when I got out of bed, pulled on my jeans, I still seemed to have to need a belt, and for fun, just to see, I got on the scale. I've lost about fifteen pounds! I feel bloated from too many brownies, fudge and cake this week. The boys and I have increased our half mile to a mile walks to 2-3 mile walks without "feeling" it. 🙂 Joy. I haven't checked in for a while so I thought you'd like to know you were prayed for this morning, and you still encourage me.

  8. I'm stuck. I am defeating myself. I am in tears right now, wanting to promise someone, once again, that this is the week to get started, yet knowing that it probably won't be…again. I watched Biggest Loser last time and left depressed. I weigh MORE than two of the women there right now! That was eye opening to me. I know all I need to do is DO IT, but I feel stuck, paralized. Did you ever feel this way? How did you get going and get momentum? You are doing AWESOME by the way!!!!!!

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