Weekly Weigh-In: The Vacation Results

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Weekly Weigh-In

Ready to weigh-in? So, as I mentioned when I talked about vacations and weight-loss, I decided that I would get on the scale this week so that I could have an idea of where I’m at, but I wasn’t going to stress over it.

That’s exactly what I did. I gained 1.6 pounds and you know what? I’m okay with that. I enjoyed my vacation, I worked out, I ate healthy meals for breakfast and lunch and I enjoyed myself in moderation at dinner.

The way I ate last week is not how I typically eat – not anymore. I recognize that, so I’m determined not to stress over one week out of close to 104. I didn’t go crazy with my eating either, but now, it’s time to get back to normal.

It’s a cool feeling to realize that I really have changed the way I eat. I told Brian that I think this is the first vacation I’ve ever been on during which I did not eat at McDonald’s. And, last time we went to Disney, we consumed 150 donut holes. I’d planned to consume 25 or so this time, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. We didn’t have a single one.

Another funny thing was to realize how much I missed my favorite lunch time foods. My salad was so good yesterday and my pasta bowl the day before was yummy.

So, I’m back to my new normal eating habits, ready to get the rest of the weight off, and so not stressing over a less-than-two-pounds gain.

How did you do this week?

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